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Punxsutawney resident
Needs bigger plate, but pretty cool -

SmartPlate™ is equipped with advanced object recognition and weight sensors which enable it to automatically identify, weigh and analyze your food intake while capturing a complete picture of all your eating habits.




Fucked up Kunce
In theory good idea. Practically I don't think it will work very well unless your food has no additives or condiments. The camera will see broccoli and calculate macros but I eat my broccoli with olive oil. It wont know.


Well-known member
Good idea and no doubt will be the norm in 20 years. The problem is that the people who complain about food won't go to the effort of actually using the proper plate and cooking. If you're willing to do that you probably have your diet under control.


Well-known member
Great invention for whiney millennials. "Effortless". Yeah, thats what we need.

Also, the vid needs close up shots of that girl's butt.