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It's provided a flood of information, (can't remember excactly when I got on board) a lot of which is just regurgitating crapola.

for yourself, list the top 3 people you consider has change your thinking for the better and why if you please.

for me?

1 Dan John, although I don't follow closely, I think he has helped a lot of people
2. Mark rippatoe, same deal
3. Art Devany, this fellow, led the way for a lot of people, (Internet personalities) although a bit odd, his ideas implanted a lot of good thought as far as diet is concerned. Look him up.

Stuart McRoberts also made a huge impact on the Internet, wrote some really good, good stuff.


Fucked up Kunce
I'll think about it, but in general I did get lots of useful and not so useful info from T-Nation in the early days. 10+ years ago.


Punxsutawney resident
Much like a library the skill is locating and then analysing the information to obtain the nuggets that you require.
For me it all started with Stuart McRobert and BRAWN
Next was a bloke called Neil Gardner who had a message board back when the internet started, there was a funny bastard called himself Rock Ape on that board, had some good laughs and another guy called adrian, reminds me a bit of you Andy.
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Punxsutawney resident
I'll see your nugget and raise you a potato


I'm all in.