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Fucked up Kunce
Anyone know who won.
I hope Couture knocked some sense into Toney.:D

Tonight’s big fight events include enough personality to put the TMZ folks on high alert. Once fighters have trained for months on end for these big events, making weight is the final move toward fight time. When Mike Fierce hit the scales at 171, he was focused and intense that left, Amilcar Alves in his shorts a towel to get to 171. The tension continued to build to see how the UFC 118 Weigh In results for Toney and Couture Odds would play out.

Other big fighters showing off on Friday night were Nick Osipczak who hit the scales at 171 while Greg Soto look solid as a rock when he hit the scales 171. Other fighters prepping for Saturday night were Dan Miller who came in at 185 and John Salter at 185 as well. Miller seemed to be the crowd favorite between these two. The UFC 118 weigh in results Toney vs Couture were the focus for many of the fans.

All of the events leading up to the actual fight are done to help generate interest in all the fights. Some fights, like Edgar vs Penn don’t need any extra incentive to get the fighters pumped up. The pre-fight stare down is often used as a big intimidation factor for some fighters. The UFC 118 weigh in results for Toney vs Couture gave fans just as much as the pre-fight press conference.

Iron Alliance

New member

It wasn't much of a contest, obviously. Toney was too arrogant to begin with and didn't have nearly enough time to prepare for the many different facets of the sport. He was quite humble in defeat which was good to see.

It ended in the first round, Randy via Arm Triangle. Something Toney would've never seen coming.

The real main event was a good fight though.


Private Dancer
The biggest joke was that this fight was even set up in the first place.

It's embarrassing hearing Bruce Buffer announcing that it's Toney's MMA DEBUT, and he's facing one of the legends of the sport. Give me a break, how do they expect anyone to take that seriously? When I first heard this fight announced a few months back I thought it must be some kind of joke, but no they went ahead.

You have to give the guy at least a few fights before putting him in against guys like Couture.

They should have a return bout but boxing this time.....see what happens then with no takedowns, grappling etc. Couture would end up on his back seeing the stadium lights dazzling his eyes.


Anonymous User
No way wannabe Dave. He had a big mouth and touted himself as being able to knock out anyone so he deserved to take on Couture (who I believe is still 4 years older than Toney). Gave him a real test against a great wrestler, which he failed miserably.

I would much rather a non 40 something non overweight non retired boxer to test out the boxing vs MMA thing but it is a start.

Couture would end up on his back seeing the stadium lights dazzling his eyes.

Couture agrees with you, but he does not run his mouth off like Toney saying he could stand with a boxer.


Private Dancer
Dave, Dave, Dave, I'm shaking my head in dismay and disbelief.

I wish I had a dollar for every fighter (boxing and mma) who shot his mouth off before a fight, it's beyond boring 99% of the time. So Toney shot his mouth off....who cares? It's all bluff and bravado. That doesn't make it right that the guy was matched up the way he was, as an absolute novice. Of course they can promote any fight they want, but the UFC likes to promote itself as a serious sport between high level athletes. To me this fight had no credibility and it lowered the credibility of the UFC.

Also, I'm too old to be deciphering triple negatives, go easy on me Panty-Sniffing Dave.


Private Dancer
Speaking of deciphering....I don't know how anyone can get upset at what Toney's been saying because I don't know how anyone can understand anything that Toney's been saying. My 2yo niece is more eloquent than this guy.


New member
It was a bad match up, I think there just getting desperate for ratings. Just like the whole kimbo thing. Im the real dave lol, the others are imposters hah
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Site Advertiser
Terrible, simply terrible. 9 months of training simply cannot prepare you to jump in the ring with couture, whos wrestling is superb. Wasn't worth watching. There were a couple of good fights on the card, though.


Anonymous User
I believe Dana white, after being irritated by unintelligible talk, wanted toney to get his ass kicked. It was a joke of a fight but he found some good promotion out of it.
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If they wanted his ass kicked, why not send in Lesnar, similar game plan but he is relatively new to the sport compared to Couture.
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He was a joke, like most stand up fighters that think they can beat a grappler.

Not true Dog. I trained a good Sprawl and good Clinch so I could knock Kunce out, like Chuck!!!!

BJJ is over rated on Concrete.