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OK kunce, trolling the Ausbb Aesthetics Crew over, now lets get serious. Post what your experience and research etc tells you is the best way to train for:

1. Hypertrophy.

2. Strength.

3. All round hypertrophy, strength and for sportz etc.

Is there any difference?

Post about one of them, all of them or just post pics of vag and ass for [MENTION=895]Shrek[/MENTION]; to clean up ;)


I'll take the first hit up.

I still think there are very good reasons PHAT is the best program for natural Hypertrophy, and Hypertrophy and Strength out there, followed by three on one off.


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
I think you've got to have a half decent strength base before you focus purely on hypertrophy. It may be genetics but it always seems to build a thicker, better overall figure if you've done some strength training.


Punxsutawney resident
1) Lift things

2) Lift heavier things less times

3) Lift different things and play sport

That is all.


Well-known member
You can't really build one without the other improving by consequence.

It all comes down to time efficiency for your goal. A powerlifter will built muscle if they're willing to put in the volume. But due to the extended rest breaks needed for powerlifting, you'd be there for hours.

The reason people say the 8-12 rep range is best for building muscle is because it's the sweet spot where you fatigue the muscles, but don't require long rest breaks. It's not as taxing on the CNS so you recover faster.


Kunce of the Year 2015
so many over think everything. when the answers are so simple. so many just don't have the balls to feel uncomfortable while training, scared of sweating and looking bad. dig deep and you make results. its that simple.


Post what your experience and research etc tells you is the best way to train for:

1. Hypertrophy.

2. Strength.

3. All round hypertrophy, strength and for sportz etc.

Focusing on muscle hypertrophy for now, there are three main, or primary factors that one needs to drive or stimulate muscle growth. These three factors are:

1. Mechanical tension
2. Metabolic stress
3. Muscle damage

Each of the above can be discussed; viewed and judged on its own merits, and based on that, one can choose one over the other to stimulate muscle growth within one's body. I (as is being evident by my own journal), have opted to focus my efforts on the metabolic stress factor above the other two factors. That in no way means I've discarded the two other primary factors no. All factors belong to one huge trunk from which a majestic tree raises up and high. All I've done is throw my focus onto one above the other, based on my age and needs. I'll leave it here for now. Strength is another story.