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Training Help needed


New member
Hi i am new to this Group i am looking for someone located in Melbourne to help take my Training to the next Level i am a 42 yr old male i have Trained Natraul for over 20ryrs whith good results my weight is 105kg mostly lean mussle bit of chub around face and waste if anyone is intersted in helping me i would like to meet up maybe do a few training sessions and take it from their Admin please Delete if not Allowed or advise on how to ask these sort of Questions.


New member
No problem thx for taking the time to reply and the advice hopefully someone is intersted in helping me intime by Summer i have Trained Natraul all my life so its no big deal just want to see what i am capeble of maybe just arrogance of a Bodybuilder but i Belive i have got what it Takes to put alot of the utubers and professionals bodybuilders to shame i have not much ele in my life to Aim for and body building is the one thing where money and status in life dose not matter it can only be earned by hardwork not bought or given to you. i have 18inch biceps Natraul i won't to see if i can get to 22 lol and just be in the best shape of my life something to look back on and say yer thats what i Acivhived before that window shuts 8 yrs before im 50 .


Registered Rustler
Just cut down to 10 percent body fat then take 250mg of testosterone a week for a year
If you're not happy with the results after that just forget about it