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Punxsutawney resident
It's true. Look what tren did to this fish....



Did anyone read the article? Where does it say Tren will give you "the ghay"?

What it says is that Male Guppies that come into contact with Tren will rape Female fish rather than having a courtship and consensual sex. [MENTION=8399]0ni[/MENTION]; [MENTION=8366]JUICE JUNKY[/MENTION]; [MENTION=17457]Repacked[/MENTION]; and [MENTION=16903]Genics[/MENTION]; no raping female Guppies now.


Registered Rustler
Whenever I take tren I am one horny bastard for maybe 6 weeks
Then it balances out
One thing I have noticed though is that 50mcg of T3 a day removes all side effects, along with some cabergoline
I do have thyroid issues though, I am naturally hyperthyroid and have hypoparathyroidism, so I don't know if this will apply to all people

I don't think I'll come off tren now though! Bloodwork is unaffected and my RBC / hemocrit is pretty low