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Types of cardio besides treadmill/walk = bit of variety. that wont cause muscle loss


New member
Ive had a good read through here and am looking at hearing some info from you guys on this.
Im in the middle of my cutting diet, trying to loose around 3kg more, around lower stomach area/ abs sides.
Happy with the way its going on the rest of the body, but wish I could isolate it to my gut area.
I havent been to solid on the cardio as im wary of loosing anymore muscle, already dropped around 4-5kgs so far.
Just want to get rid of the last bit before upping carbs for bulk cycle.
What can you blokes reccommend as a good cardio option thatll give me minimal muscle loss,
Used treadmill/ or outside walk/jog 1st thing in morning empty stomach usually 45 mins max but have really gotten sick of it,
Done a few brazilian jiu jitsu classes recently and been loving it, but they go for 1.5 hrs are at 7pm and are a massive workout,+ not the best time of day to be doing cardio
im feeling if i keep this up for more than once a week its going to hurt me. The mats have been drenched and clothes like I just went for a swim after, on the verge of a spew a few times.Enjoy it though.
But what else can you use to cut down this weight and id like to even keep some form of cardio up while bulking just for my own inner health, heart etc.
Itd be good to be able to slot something in thats a bit more social and enjoyable than treadmill, + can even have my girl join in with me. I wouldnt mind giving swimming a go, but is this too much strain on shoulders, considering i working low back, upper, shoulder, legs etc seperately when lifting in the week, will this make me shed way too much,i dont want to end up lean at all. im doing a 5 day on 2 off weight program week in and out, getting stuck in. Most important thing is i really dont want to neg. effect muscle growth even worse loose some.
Just looking to slot in 2x or so a week just enough to get the job done before bulking.
thats the lifestory, hope i didnt go round in circles too much, hope i can get some input
cheers boys.
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New member
Burpees (and its 101 evil variations), thrusters, KB/DB swings using light weights, Tabata-style (20 secs workout, 10 secs rest, for 8 sets).


New member
mate last time i dieted, i was doing two hours of low intensity cardio a dby, every day. It was a factor that got me to 5% bf. How would you feel about lowering your carbs? Do hill sprints a few nights a week. where's your bf% now? What's your actual goal? Why are you bothering? Why's it so important to you


New member
ive heard alot about this HIIT and burpees routine etc.
Whats the actual time youd recommend and how does it work,
like (amount burpees) (break in secs) ( different excersise) (break in sec) etc etc
for how many reps and how long eg 20 mins a day,

I try to do my cardio 1st thing in morning empty stomach, but is doing these at night ( as long as ive lifted in the morning) OK, or is it just going to burn whatever ive digested that day earlier not even making it to my fat storage?

Im currently cutting and have dropped carbs from my diet, mainly just whole carbs in 1st meal morning oats/egg whites and post after weight session. Mate 5% is amazing for getting that far, but Im not looking to lean down that much, im not interested in comps id rather sit more around 12ish with a bit more meat on me. I need size for my job, I havent done my bf % for along time so I couldnt give you an accurate. Main reason i want to supp more cardio in and lower my bf% is for my own benefit, i feel better. Dropped around 5kg from where I sat on 92 and now i want to drop around 2 more and build up some more lean muscle mass to around the 90kg mark again. But id like to still involve some cardio into my routine even when im up to that mark for my own hearth lung health etc.

at where im at now to reduce the last few kgs how many days week cardio would you recommend on top of my weights program + what should I drop that to when i reach my goal weight and began bulk phase + lifting again?

thank alot guys


New member
Hiit training (or any other interval training) is better then cardio anyday and takes less than half the time and makes it more fun.