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New member
I cant believe no ones reviewed this! such a great product!

what is it:
Carbohydrate formula
Cost: 770g $49 or 1.9kg $85 or the large buckets $130+
What does it do: delivers dietary carbohydrates (duh)
smell: unflavoured- smells nutty like almonds... i like it :)
taste: unflavoured- a bit like bread... i like it :) sometimes I would eat it without water and it turns into a chewy paste kinda like chewing on melted cheese

Opinion: This has to be one of the best carbs out now in fact all the other carb brands use vitargo as a bench mark. Vitargo is known to exit the stomach faster than the other carbs (maltodextrin, dextrose etc.) therefore is delivered to the muscles quicker. Its thicker and for some reason that means it doesnt draw water, so no bloating. zero sugars! I usually have this before and after my workout. Since using in pre workout i noticed i get better pumps, stronger lifts and better energy levels. If you're looking for a carb to mix with your protein, vitargo is highly recommended.


Well-known member
Over rated expensive carb. It started out many years back as waxy maize. Now its waxy barley, just so if you want the same stuff its very hard to source, unlike dextrose which is just as good. The stomach and blood stream can only take stuff at a certain rate anyway so being "faster" is not necessarily useful. Besides, all you need is WPI to spike insulin. Add dextrose if you want but the job is done already.