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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
This weeks topic: Cardio
· What do you do for cardio?
· How much cardio do you do in dieting, gaining, and maintenance phases?
· If you don't do any cardio, why not?
· How do you measure your cardio?
· What do you do to make cardio fun?


New member
today I did walking, skipping and running.

I mix it up, but do so 5 times a week, around 20-30 minutes. all year round.


New member
During winter where it's cold and dark most days, and everyone has their bulking suits on, I'll just do a 20 minute HIIT session on the bike or elliptical once a week. I'll usually do this on a low taxing day like arm or shoulder day. If I do feel my belt getting a little tight, I might do this twice a week.

Once the weather is nice, I'll go hiking on the weekend and not touch the cardio equipment in the gym.


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Do cardio of you want to improve cardio. Eat less of you want to lose weight.
That's kind of how I'm rolling at the moment.
6+ months of not doing any high paced work leaves me gasping for air after 2 minutes of physical activity now. So doing cardio to get the lungs and ticker working better and diet to lose the winter chubb


YOLO Kunce
I hate doing cardio for the sake of doing cardio. It has to be in the form of sports so I enjoy it. Luckily even though none of my mates lift, they are still active in other ways (squash, cricket, bike rides, hikes) so I tag along and count that as 'cardio'.


New member
I do cardio so I can eat more.
Same. I enjoy cardio more than I enjoy hunger, so it's my preferred means of creating a deficit. Plus, when people say: "You can't out-train a bad diet," not so deep down, part of me wants to say: "Watch me."

When I'm at the uni gym, I like to get on the cross-trainer and just go for an absurd amount of time. On Mondays I have three hours between lectures, so after my strength training I'll happily get on the cross-trainer and basically go into a semi-trance for a while. Kills time, is good for the CV system, intensity's at a therapeutic level, and it nukes energy, which means easier fat loss when needed or more food when wanted.

I generally prefer to do cardio right at the upper end of low intensity. Find a nice comfortable pace where I'm still breathing through my nose. Cross-trainer says I burn about 750kcal/hr doing that. IIRC their numbers are based on 70kg males doing it, so for me that's pretty darn close. Assuming a BMR of 1,700kcal/day (which is right about the predictions given here), I'd burn about 70kcal/hr at rest, so that's still about 680kcal/hr, normally in an hour that would have otherwise been spent trawling facebook anyway. At that intensity, I find it doesn't impact my strength training, either. On the flip side, if I do cardio that mostly uses anaerobic systems, it will very quickly eat into lower body work.