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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
What are things to be careful of in grip training? How do you prevent these injuries?


Active member
Give yourself an incentive not to drop things by never wearing shoes.

Nothing promotes success like the fear of consequence.
What are things to be careful of in grip training? How do you prevent these injuries?

Overtraining. if you're going to work to strengthen one set of muscles work the antigonsist just as equally, but that applies to everything.


YOLO Kunce
Straining a tendon like the brachialis? Leading to elbow pain, which some call climber's elbow.

The remedy for this is icing the affected area, followed by a quick jerk with said arm to promote rapid blood flow back into it.


Packing a Huge Member
I just toss off a lot for grip, tennis helps too.
Speaking of which, there is is this girl at work who plays tennis obsessively, now she ain't the purdiest thing in the office, or on the planet to be perfectly honest, but that grip of hers is like the jaws of life.
Even though she's ugly, I can't help thinking about her performing a service on me every time I see her, I reckon she could do it better than I can......................think I need help.


New member
Hand and fingers have a complex structure of ligaments and tendons making themselves more prone to the injury if overstretched and overused with a lot of stress. Try to start with minimum stress on fingers if you're just a beginner.