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Fridge Kunce
At the time I train there is usually no one there. I quite literally have it to myself most of the time so no waiting for equipment.
I use chalk and sometimes it leaves a mess and no one has a problem with me doing so.


Active member
Coaches, on site masseuse and soon physio, the equipment and most importantly the atmosphere.


The people and camaraderie, the hard-on for Texas barbells, the location being 5min from home, and I like to the think the trainers aren't total crap.


This is amazing if it is actually real. just looking at it is making my knees shake , i'm a bit of scared of heights , i'd need to take a spare pair of dacks for that ride .




Population 1

Went into Anytime Fitness tonight. I wanted to run. I felt like I was in a scene from Terminator:Rise of the Machines. They were everywhere!
Got scared and ran away.
Busy gyms are just too confronting!

El Testicle

Goat that feeling
My gym has everything I need, no necessarily everything I want, but everything I need at least.

24/7 and a 1.5 minute drive every morning from home.

Danny Cadillac

Both of my gyms offer different things...
Gym near home is purely weights dominated.
Whilst the gym near work has weights though seems to be pushing more into crossfit.

Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
As per title what is it about the gym you go to that you like ?

It has great rates (free), it is convenient with less than a minute walk from my lounge room, it's 24/7-365days, no one else ever uses it, it has everything I need, great atmosphere.
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YOLO Kunce
I am thinking of switching from Anytime to Plus fitness, another 24/7 joint thats opened in my area. Brand spanking new equipment, hardly anyone uses the squat racks, and there are bumper plates for deadlifts? winner. $13 a week with no contract sounds rather enticing to me, so I'm almost certain to do it.


24/7, no one there at 4am, although people do start coming in around 5am. Brand new equipment, heaps of racks (not just the female variety) and well priced!


Packing a Huge Member
My gym has everything I need, no necessarily everything I want, but everything I need at least.

24/7 and a 1.5 minute drive every morning from home.

LOL Test-E, mine is just short of 700m and i still drive there too.
Not a bad gym, proper BB gym with plenty of weighs, not a "fitness club". Has all the fitness shit also bu separate (upstairs) and a pool, just too MANY kunce and needs more carpark.


BigRed Kunce
Gonna go for a walk/run around a popular track shortly... lots of women frequent it. so should be nice.