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What's the shittiest meal you've created in the pursuit of health?


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
tuna cakes made with sweet spud

i guess i used too much sweet spud as the tune patties tasted like crap


I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
Prob just plain egg whites by themselves - 1st thing in the morning - used to make me feel ill - honestly though - not many foods I dislike.


Packing a Huge Member
I used to boil eggs at night and put them in fridge overnight, cold eggs in the morning = so feral that I dry reach just remembering the taste/smell


YOLO Kunce
A sprout medley shake containing brussels, mung bean, and alfalfa sprouts blended with almond milk, stevia and vanilla WPC. Healthy as fuck, alas it smelled like wet dream and it sure didn't taste any better.


Tried to use up a bag of coffee flavoured protein that didn't taste like coffee, so I baked it into everything I was making at the time. Everything tasted like crap....!


YOLO Kunce
I can eat Kale all day if I have to, no complaints here!

Vegetarian anything that tries to mimic meat: Vegetarian 'burgers', vegetarian 'lasagne', vegetarian 'sausage rolls'. Tastes whack when your mouth is expecting meat but then don't get it.


Fucked up Kunce
Horleys used to recommend tuna in shakes on their Awesome Mass containers.
Never had the guts to try it.


New member
Egg whites and oats pancake. Everyone was raving how good it tasted. It tasted like cardboard and was like trying to swallow Weet-Bix on their own.