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Recent content by breebreerocks

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    Butt to floor squats

    Did my first ever successful butt to floor squat yesterday! All the painful stretching and annoying isolation rehab stuff has worked! And sooooo worth it. All the partial squats that I have been doing at much heavier weights had none of the kick of these babies. Crap weight (3 sets/12 at...
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    Interesting article...

    This was sent to me by my trainer. Interesting considering the dismissal by many of 'isolation' exercises... The “Functional” Training Delusion By Erick Minor Functional training is not superior to traditional strength training for developing usable strength and fitness. For the last few...
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    [Cycling] Bike for Adventure racing

    I want to start getting into adventure racing. I would consider doing a triathlon, but since I can't swim to save myself, adventure racing is better for me (kayak instead of swim leg). What should I look for when I first go looking for a bike so I don't get ripped off and end up walking out...
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    Flexibility limiting squats

    Does anyone else encounter this? How have you overcome it? I have an issue with my achilles tendons which means that I have limited flexibility in the back of my legs. Find that if I squat with a lighter weight with bar resting on shoulders, no problem. But once the weight gets higher or I...
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    Cross Fit

    Has anyone else here tried Cross Fit? I looked into it a while ago, my trainer started researching it and I did my first session today. Killed me, but it rocks! Guess it's more about strength than bulk, but that's more my thing. Lifted much lighter weights than usually would, but def felt...
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    Peanut butter

    I don't know if anyone else could be bothered making their own peanut butter, but I just got a new food processor, so I am slicing/dicing/blending everything in sight. Next is an attempt to make my own mince. This is SUPER easy and cheap- peanut butter without all the crap. Ingredients- 2 cups...
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    Spaghetti squash

    For years this vegetable has eluded me. I have read about it time and time again in low carb recipe books and on websites, but have never found it in Australia- and I have searched across three states/territories (although unsure if SA and ACT should count). It suddenly dawned on me that it...
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    Varicose veins

    Does anyone else on the forum have tips for dealing with varicose veins? My poor boyfriend is in agony with this hot weather. You can almost see them pulsing in the back of his legs they are so swollen. Try to keep him moving as much as possible, but when his legs are all swollen he is even...
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    TOTALLY random question, but is spinach a cruxiferous vegetable? I have started seeing a new nutritionist and I wasn't suspicious at first, but now I am. All the research I have done shows that it's not. if I'm giving his bloke a chunk of my money, I want to make sure that he is giving me the...
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    Any one heard of Charles Poliquin?

    Have been reading about a character called Charles Poliquin and his training methods. Seems to have done a lot of hormone work, particularly regarding how certain styles of aerobic training increase fat storage due to hormonal changes. Problem is, nearly everything written about him is by...
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    Hello and HELP!

    Hi all! I am coming to a body building forum for some help. In the past I have found that you guys know best, so I thought it best to head back for some advice. Here's my story... A few years ago, thanks to a low carb diet and support from a body building gym, I shed 25kgs. I have managed...