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Recent content by Hoska91

  1. H

    Good Compression Bras ?

    Hi All, My Girlfriend is looking for a good compression bra as she's fairly gifted in the chest region (10DD-10E). Basically she wants to get to a running stage but isn't comfortable because of too much bouncing for lack of better words. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Girls.
  2. H

    Grossest smelling/looking food that tastes good

    So i understand that this might be a tall order as a high percentage of taste is smell :p But recently my work colleagues are complaining that my food smells "disgusting" currently eating lean mince, spinach, brown rice with jalepenos and garlic mixed through. tastes fine i don't really care...
  3. H

    How Important to sleep is weight loss & Gain

    Hi All, Pretty easy one here but wondering how important everyone considers sleep to weight loss and gain. I know guys that sleep 6 hours a day and still get fine progress yet I know others that do the same and show nothing this goes both ways with loss and gain! Any thoughts ?
  4. H

    Plyo Boxes

    Hey guys, has anyone ever built there own plyo boxes ? i was thinking of building some for the home gym just wondering what type of wood to use ? Any suggestions would be appreciated, i'll also do a write up when they're done/during build!
  5. H

    Where are you from & Where do you Train ?

    Not sure if this is allowed but thought it might be a good idea for everyone to list where they're from so people can find buddies in similar areas etc for possible workouts and stuff ? Maybe something similar to the Age/Weight thread Just an idea of course. Location: Perth, Western...
  6. H

    Possible Metabolic Issues

    Hi Guys, Fairly new here but I do have a question. Background I started a "10 week transformation" exactly 4 weeks ago @79.4 kg , so far i've sat on about 80kg the entire time and now dropped down to 79.5, i still seem to however be retaining a lot of the fat around my torso (this is usually...