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Recent content by jsncrs

  1. J

    Aromasin and MDMA

    Has anyone / does anyone roll whilst on Aromasin? I'm half way through a Test E cycle, running Aromasin @ 12.5mg every second day. Attending a festival in a couple of weeks and was curious whether there's any potentially harmful interaction between the Aromasin and MDMA. Google isn't giving me...
  2. J

    Questions regarding PCT for 10 week 500mg Test E cycle (may add dbol)

    Running 500mg Test E for 10 weeks, maybe dbol if my source comes through There's so much conflicting information regarding PCT online. I was originally thinking of running 12.5mg Aromasin e/d, but have been told by a number of people that it will be way too much. Was also going to run the...
  3. J

    First cycle recommendations, and question regarding doctors advice

    Stats: 27, 165cm, 75kg, 13% BF Looking for suggestions for my first cycle. My goal is to try and add some lean mass. I started a 500mg Test E cycle a year or so ago but copped an unrelated virus not even halfway through, had to start PCT early and come off. I've been wanting to try...
  4. J

    Fellow short dudes, where do you buy your gym tanks/singlets?

    I'm 5'7" and struggle to find tanks/singlets that fit properly, especially stringers. Any recommendations for good fitting gym gear for shorter dudes?
  5. J

    Anyone able to recommend a decent TRT doc in Victoria, Australia?

    Tried that. Several times. I made this post because I've exhausted all other avenues.
  6. J

    Anyone able to recommend a decent TRT doc in Victoria, Australia?

    Wish I could but the cost prevents me from doing so. Wish I could get my hands on some raw materials so I could homebrew. And that it was legal.
  7. J

    Anyone able to recommend a decent TRT doc in Victoria, Australia?

    Thanks mate, will post all the info I have asap
  8. J

    Anyone able to recommend a decent TRT doc in Victoria, Australia?

    Not sure off the top of my head, I have the paperwork at home and can check when I knock off work. My GP was hesitant to even do the test, had to ask nearly half a dozen times before he got around to it.
  9. J

    Anyone able to recommend a decent TRT doc in Victoria, Australia?

    I'm 26 years old, had my Test levels checked around 6 months ago and the results were: Testosterone (Immulite) | 13.0 nmol/L I asked my doctor about TRT but he basically shrugged it off saying I'm within the normal range. Despite this, I have many symptoms related to low Test: Low energy...
  10. J

    2nd cycle, Test E/Deca/Dbol. Dosage and PCT recommendations?

    Unsure of my body fat, about to start a cut so I'm ready to bulk again in winter. Also unsure about my blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Will be getting those checked before starting this next cycle.
  11. J

    2nd cycle, Test E/Deca/Dbol. Dosage and PCT recommendations?

    Hey guys, Stats: Age: 25 Height: 165cm Weight: 79kg Planning my 2nd cycle of Test E/Deca/Dbol. Looking to gain some serious mass. First cycle was Test E @ 250mg twice a week. PCT was .25mg Arimidex e2d and Nolvadex 40/40/20/20. Been doing a heap of research into the...
  12. J

    Anyone able to critique my first cutting diet?

    Hey guys, Stats - Age: 24 Weight: 76kg Height: 165cm Been bulking for about 3 years and gained around 25 - 30kg. Also developed a bit of a gut during this time, so I'm looking to cut down some fat and re-assess where I'm at and what my next move is. I've thrown together this diet after a bit...
  13. J

    Dynabolics Morpheus WPI.. anyone tried it?

    Hey guys, Went into Athletes With Attitude on the weekend chasing a decent post workout protein. I've been using Gold Standard for the past few years. The bloke there recommended Dynabolics "Morpheus".. I tried to do a bit of research when I got home but can't find anything apart from the...
  14. J

    Friends First Cycle..

    Pretty irrelevant since I'm not asking for myself, but I've done a lot of research. Read whenever I can as the subject interests me. Mainly surrounding different compounds, effects, PCT, etc. Haven't really looked into dosages/injections or anything related as I'm not planning my cycle for a...
  15. J

    Friends First Cycle..

    I do have some knowledge. I came here to try to get some assistance to prevent a close friend from potentially hurting himself. Why is it so hard to get a decent response from someone on this forum?