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  1. Shrek

    Arnold Attacked

    Breaking: Arnold Schwarzenegger FLYING JUMP KICKED by attacker at sports Festival in South Africa. https://www.facebook.com/227484147317544/posts/2373317816067489?s=683992892&v=e&sfns=mo
  2. V

    Olympia streaming

    Hey guys were is the live stream of the olympia this year Thanks heaps
  3. Shrek

    "Little Hercules" - Now & Then

    Remember this little tacker? Then Now
  4. Shrek

    Arnold: An impression.

    What he might look like today. Notice a distinct absence of a gut. 😑
  5. Shrek

    Mr Olympia 2016

    Olympia shit in here. spartacus; you might want to keep out. Large freaks may be posted.
  6. Shrek

    Lifting at 80

  7. Shrek

    Mr Olympia 2016

  8. Shrek

    "The Death of Women's Bodybuilding | All Ms. Olympia Winners Compilation (1980-2014)"

    "The Death of Women's Bodybuilding | All Ms. Olympia Winners Compilation (1980-2014)" https://youtu.be/O-ox6hZKczg
  9. Shrek

    "IFBB Pro Dennis Wolfe In Hospital In Las Vegas For Surgery"

    No Olympia for Wolfe this year. https://youtu.be/xcwa2ql_UuM
  10. Shrek

    Robby Robinson @70

    Guest Posing. 😨😨😨😨
  11. Shrek


    Seems to be the in thing with pro's nowadays.
  12. Shrek

    Dallas McCarver - 6.5 weeks out from Chicago Pro

  13. WoodyAllen

    Apparently Layla Rivera has a tight box

  14. Shrek

    Father leaves Baby in car while training

  15. Shrek

    Bjornsson - Strongman Diet

    That's a lot of food. 😨
  16. Shrek

    Adjustable Dumbells

    Anyone got them? Thinking of getting a pair like this. Worth it?
  17. Shrek

    Dennis Wolfe - Patriot Cup

  18. Shrek

    ASC Brazil

    IFBB Pro Mens Bodybuilding Competitor List 1 Cody Montgomery USA 2 Juan Morel USA 3 Lionel Beyeke France 4 Josh Lenartowicz Australia 5 Justin Compton USA 6 Kai Greene USA 7 Vitaly Fateev Russia 8 Ronny Rockel Germany
  19. S

    New member

    Hey guys New member here. 34yo male Lifting for 5 years Ballarat, Vic based Always looking for more size and stay lean Love all things fitness and sport. Looking forward to hearing everyone's story, answering questions and asking a heap myself. Say hi [emoji1360]
  20. Shrek

    Evan in Australia