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  1. S

    Are Grains Poison?

    So a year or two ago Big Mick; came up with the rather alarming statement that "Grains are Poison". Is this true - are Grains Poison ........ like Big Mick; said?
  2. Goosey

    Evolution of food, interesting .

  3. S

    Gun laws in Australia

    Do gun laws in Australia need to be tightened or "loosened?
  4. Repacked

    Old Gold(s)

  5. A

    CrossFit: Fad or real exercise?

    CROSSFIT is everywhere these days, from the park near your home to your Facebook feed. But it’s also been generating a lot of controversy. We decided to take a closer look at CrossFit and see for ourselves whether it’s a fad — or for real ... CrossFit. Pretty sure I’m never doing...
  6. 0ni


  7. Rugby88

    How much water do you drink a day?

    I know everyone knows this but since increasing my water intake some around 2-3L a day to 4.5-6L I feel so much better, look so much better and never get bloated like I used to when I didnt drink much water. So as I said I drink between 4.5-6L a day - just normal water, nothing added to it or...
  8. Shrek

    [MartialArts] Toney v Couture

    Anyone know who won. I hope Couture knocked some sense into Toney.:D hl9bdM5nTvc Tonight’s big fight events include enough personality to put the TMZ folks on high alert. Once fighters have trained for months on end for these big events, making weight is the final move toward fight time. When...