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  1. L

    [NSW] For Sale - Power Rack, weights and bar

    Hi, I have for sale a power rack, weights and bar. The rack is a pin and pipe style and is 2210 tall.Could do with a paint Weights: 6x25kg, 3x20, 3x15kg, 2x5kg, 2x10kg, 2x2.5, 2x1.25kg ABC power bar Flat bench Located Beecroft NSW 2119 Price: $900 Any questions just send me a pm or reply...
  2. S

    Iorn mag labs

    Hi all just seen if anyone has had any experience with iorn mag labs products some feed back would greatly be appreciated
  3. Shrek

    Lifting at 80

  4. A

    Timed Deadlifts Challenge

    I thought it'd be fun to have a timed deadlift challenge. simply max reps in 10 minutes. pick a "level" and report how many reps you are able to get in the 10 minutes. then work ur ass off to get that number higher and beat yourself and fellow Ausbb members at your level. level 1 -0.75...
  5. A

    225lbs for 210 reps: Mike Rashid ft. CT Fletcher

    225lbs for 210 reps: Mike Rashid ft. CT Fletcher - YouTube
  6. L

    antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea

    two strains of gonorrhoea that were resistant to all antibiotics had also been found internationally. There were about 8000 diagnoses of gonorrhoea in in Australia in 2007, and 12,000 last year. Super forms of gonorrhoea on way
  7. A

    Topic of the Week- When does supplement intake become excessive?

    Sure it is good to have a variety of supplements available to you, but how does one know when they've gone overboard?We are bombarded with all these supplements on the market that "help" build nuscle , stuff we don't get enough off in our diet , we have Multivitamins, flax oil, fish oil...