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  1. A

    Help weight loss peps

    Hi everyone, im not sure if this board is still active but looking for some help please.. As I'm looking to lean down and drop some fat...I have been a big guy for ages but over year and bit been pushing at it and working on it. but was wondering if anyone could suggest some peptides please to...
  2. A

    New Ausbb promo code

    After Bulk Nutrients had taken the steps to de-activate the old code as it was being misused and abused, it was found plastered all over another site. Bulk nutrients has given us a new code to use , please use it wisely and don't abuse it
  3. Goosey

    Protein supplement for seniors

    I've been reading that older people can benefit from a protein supplement as we age our body cannot utilize it well enough. my father in law is now 80 and very active, he's noticing a loss in muscle. my question to you all (the ones that have done their homework) which powder is the best and...
  4. AnneJordan

    Intro so my profile isnt deleted !

    HI, I have been a member too long reading and not posting so I have to post to stay active! Call me Anne, 24yo Female. Darwin Lifting on and off since 2012. Joined to read threads and learn. There is alot I do not know but from reading threads I can safely say I am not an idiot and know...
  5. Puggy

    CNS Stimulants - help CNS gains? Or just mask fatigue?

    CNS Stimulants range from Caffeine to the Amphetamine family. Probably someone with experience or from a medical background could answer this. Do CNS Stimulants actually improve CNS gains or do they just mask fatigue while they're active?
  6. A

    Premier's Active April: 10 free YMCA passes, 1 hr tennis @ Melbourne Park [VIC]

    www.activeapril.vic.gov.au Register for Premier's Active Challenge and will receive the following: •15% off at Rebel Sport •10 free YMCA passes •One free child pass to National Sports Museum and MCG Tour •One free child pass to SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium •One hour...
  7. chocchillimango

    Active Hip Mobility

    So many of us on here have or have had hip mobility issues and keeping ourselves mobile post injury or generally is important. TNation actually have a really good article on this and the following video with some active hip mobility moves is really good. Hip Mobility Montage - YouTube main...
  8. A

    keep active in your workout logs

    Don't forget to keep active in your workout logs , not only does it give you something to look back on , see where you were goals were and where they are heading now , what your PB were and are, and also to keep track of what works and doesn't work but also to be in the workout log of the month...
  9. pistachio

    Oasis active

    Anyone tried it? I heard it is pretty damn sleazy, should I even bother?
  10. A

    Active competitors?

    I know a few people compete in some comps here. Who competes? What do you compete in? (body building, weightlifting, powerlifting, strong man etc) What category/age are you in? I've never done this competitively, I'm keen to have a go probably next year. Looking at weight lifting.
  11. B

    active recovery

    What do you guys do for Active Recovery and to minimize muscle stiffness, DOMs etc.? is it mainly to do with bloodflow, as I think Fadi was saying one time...? I tend to regularly suffer from DOMs. not only is it muscle pain but also muscle stiffness / swelling. I'm thinking it is due to...