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CNS Stimulants range from Caffeine to the Amphetamine family.
Probably someone with experience or from a medical background could answer this.

Do CNS Stimulants actually improve CNS gains or do they just mask fatigue while they're active?


YOLO Kunce
From what I experience from stims used in PWO's, I find they mask fatigue to a good extent but if you're utterly exhausted and lack sleep on consecutive days none of that fancy stuff will make you perform optimally until you've had a chance to rest/recuperate.


Kunce of the Year 2015
they put a load on your natural cortisol, a stressor hormone. have you ever seen a big amphetamine feind? no they all skinny ass punks.


Thanks for the replies all.
Interesting, now reading the direct effects of amphetamines on muscle.


Punxsutawney resident
Dafuq are CNS gainz?

The picture below was taken when my CNS was sleeping, see how cute and little it is. This was before I started training and using stim based PWOs.


I took this picture this morning. You can clearly see how my CNS has experienced significant gains and is now no longer cute and fitting in the palm of your hand, it is in fact half bear half shark and will fuck*ng eat you....hell it will eat me if I'm not careful. It thrives on a diet of stimulants and aesthetic bro fags and must be fed every 3 hours to maintain it's gainzz. Dat's just how it is round here....


Question answered? Good.