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  1. C

    Progressive Overload

    Should progressive overload be done at every training session or should I do a few sessions at a certain weight/reps before upping things? Also how much should the weight go up in percentage terms?
  2. JackBody

    Please help with bioadditive

    Hello! Who can help with bioadditive? Im wonna increase weight by 10 kg per year:):)
  3. Fadi

    Do you doubt yourself? Well did you know...?

    I won’t lie to you mate, but yeh I’m afraid; I’m anxious, I’m doubtful, I’m stressed, and I feel the tension running through my veins ... what can I say..., I’m feeling all those negative feelings I’m not supposed to be feeling you know! If the above has struck a chord with you (even for just a...
  4. H

    anti-ageing Doctors in W.A

    Anyone know of any good anti-aging doctors in W.A.....I have a list of a few that i will post up but anyone with experience with any of these doctors please share
  5. S

    Conor McGregor charged. Allegations of Cocaine use.

    "Ultimate Fighting champion Conor McGregor has been charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief following a rampage at a UFC press event at Barclays Centre in New York, a police spokesperson has confirmed. The incident has thrown McGregor's future in doubt with UFC...
  6. Big Mick

    Has Anyone Ever been Haunted?? This is real!!

  7. spartacus

    The IAAf and drug cheating

  8. spartacus

    never fear rest from weights

    bazza raises the question of how to know when to back off or keep pushing with your training. I have always taken 10-14 days to recover fully from a flat our session where I run or lift t failure. hence, I try hard to balance volume and intensity. no one can really answer this; I think it...
  9. Fadi

    Are lifting straps for the weak?

    The direct answer is no they're not for the weak, unless you consider some of the world's strongest men weak! When you're lifting really heavy (relative to you) for repetitions, or you're holding a weight statically momentarily before moving it (such in a halting deadlift position with a...
  10. Shrek

    Generation Iron 2

  11. Fadi

    Frequency vs density training

    I say frequency would win all the time over density. But first let me explain what I mean by frequency and how is it different from density. Frequency is the number of times you train a particular muscle or muscle group in a week. Density is the amount of work, or volume of work you can squeeze...
  12. A

    'Dangerous' vitamins and supplements revealed in PBS Frontline, New York Times invest

    Troubling questions have been raised about the quality and safety of vitamins and dietary supplements, in a joint investigation by the New York Times and the PBS Frontline program. The report asked leading clinicians and researchers for their assessment of whether products actually did...
  13. A

    Jason Blaha Exposed: His father reveals the truth?

  14. Fister Roboto

    Vegan Bruh

    Started this to answer some of the questions that arose when I said that I was eating vegan for September. steveP; Darkoz; All the chatter on youtube about veganism prompted me to read some of the studies and research papers (mostly the conclusions admittedly) and for 3 reasons, I would like to...
  15. P

    Need the D!

    Right, I've created a whole new account for this rant, because it's somewhat...personal. How the fudge do I meet a dude who's into the training lifestyle as much as I am? Because that's what it is. A style of life. I don't want to be dating someone who just doesn't get it, and constantly tries...
  16. Puggy

    CNS Stimulants - help CNS gains? Or just mask fatigue?

    CNS Stimulants range from Caffeine to the Amphetamine family. Probably someone with experience or from a medical background could answer this. Do CNS Stimulants actually improve CNS gains or do they just mask fatigue while they're active?
  17. Repacked

    [Article] Overweight? Full of hot air?

    Despite a worldwide obsession with diets and fitness regimes, many health professionals cannot correctly answer the question of where body fat goes when people lose weight, a new study shows. The most common misconception among doctors, dieticians and personal trainers is that the missing mass...
  18. Jungnaut

    Stretching does not prevent injury, it just makes you more flexible

    To be honest I stretch because being nimble feels good, I like being flexible and I thought it reduces chance of injury. But this study appears to suggest I am incorrect on the third reason - it does not prevent injury! In fact, all stretching does is make your body used to and good at...
  19. M

    Answer me this? PLEASE

    Hi all, Have just started a Powerlifting routine, previously I did the following. Sunday - Deadlifts/Hamstrings Monday - Shoulders Tuesday - Back/ Speed chest (flat bench) 5 sets x 10 reps + plus 2 warm up sets Wednesday - Quads Thursday - ARMS Friday - CHEST Now not boasting/bragging etc...
  20. A

    50 Women Answer ‘What Goes Through Your Head While Giving A Blowjob?

    50 Women Answer ‘What Goes Through Your Head While Giving A Blowjob? These answers are hilarious... 1. PureGabe: “Does he like it?” 2. doctorjwatson: “Wow, my jaw hurts.” 3. springplum: “Why is sex so short but this takes so damn long?” 4. imactuallyagirl: ‘I wish I could breathe...