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I won’t lie to you mate, but yeh I’m afraid; I’m anxious, I’m doubtful, I’m stressed, and I feel the tension running through my veins ... what can I say..., I’m feeling all those negative feelings I’m not supposed to be feeling you know!

If the above has struck a chord with you (even for just a little), then this small message of mine is for you. So please sit back, and allow me to show you how you can turn this whole “negative” situation into one hell of a positive weapon that’ll work in your favour when you need it most.

Let’s do it...

The “secret” of true Champions:
Are you ready for it? Well, it’s really the understanding that the above mentioned “negativity”, is part and parcel of the bigger picture that makes up the ideal ratio between positivity and negativity.

That ideal ratio? Keeping an 80:20 ratio of 80% positive thinking and 20% negative thinking, stored at your subconscious mind, is the most useful and helpful way of normalising and counter-balancing these negative feelings with positive ones. No one is talking about discarding the negatives altogether oh no, never, and here’s why...

How this 20% of negativity can ever be useful in my quest for success? Well, first of all, ask yourself, why am I even having these negative feelings? You’ll find the answer lies in something called your comfort zone. Those feelings of negativity (self-doubt and all), emerge because you have decided to do what all true Champions do and do well, and that is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and into some uncharted territory..., tell me I’m wrong!

Now that we’ve established the cause or the source of this negativity, how could it possibly work in our favour? Here’s how ... negative feelings are ideal for bringing out the animal in you. They do that by evoking a healthy sense of pressure, and one hell of an adrenaline surge that would mobilise action and change ... when you least expect it!

So go ahead and embrace this 20% and fear not, for failure defeats losers, and failure inspires winners ... like you!

Thanks for reading.
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That negativity often yields in some positive changes you do for yourself and the people attached with your life. I'd be strongly agree that only positivity is not the answer to everything. You could feel disheartened when you'd not receive positivity in exchange, because reaction could be different at any instance. So also keep your mind filled with some negativity, it will help you in analyzing every situation with a neutral standpoint.