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  1. A

    Welcome on board AminoZ

    AminoS provide low-cost, high quality and BS-free products and information to help their customers achieve their health and fitness goals.
  2. M

    Is this Pfizer Genotropin pen fake? Instagram influencer says it's pharma grade.

    A famous sydney instagram fitness influencer told me he can sell me pharmagrade hgh (Not naming names). I'm just wondering if based on the pictures that this is a legit genotropin pen from Pfizer as he said he used it himself for his competition. Theres arabic writing on the top of the pen. Any...
  3. C

    Tainted Supplements

    I’ve read that a significant number of protein powders are contaminated with steroids or similar drugs. Anyone know which ones ?
  4. Y

    Pre workout help

    I’m after a pre workout, work has made going to the gym a punish some days Now the question is true protein or bulk nutrients pre workout, or if there are other recommend ones Differences Bulk Nutrients Agmatine Sulphate, Flavouring, L Tyrosine, L Theanine, Choline Bitartrate, Magnesium...
  5. Shrek

    Strawberries now Bananas

    Queensland police have confirmed they are investigating a new case of fruit contamination where a metal object was found inside a banana. https://www.facebook.com/7newssydney/videos/1131127523716601/UzpfSTEwODg3ODYyOTEzNjI3OTpWSzoxMTMxMTI3NTIzNzE2NjAx/ www.7plus.com.au/news
  6. S

    Are MMA Fighters the Fittest Athletes?

    I'm using Fitness in the academic way. I remember when Fitness was defined as; Strength, Stamina and Flexibility. Then they added Speed and Co-ordination making five elements of Fitness. Old kunce in their 50-60's like Shrek, Woody, Goo, Spart, Dark etc can prolly remember when Fitness was just...
  7. R

    Just BCAA's

    Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get just plain old BCAA's? The ones that are not instantised. Just plain old untasty, doesn't mix well, unflavoured BCAA's. Thanks.
  8. A

    Four Corners investigate Australia’s vitamins and supplement’s industry

    "What a lot of Australian families have is very expensive urine." On Monday's Four Corners we investigate Australia’s vitamins and supplement’s industry. Do you know what you're buying? Watch "Swallowing It" - Monday night on ABC TV and ABC iview.
  9. Big Mick

    Multivitamin Discussion

    Do you take them?? If yes which ones, if no why not?? Any research or opinions of why and why not. I currently take Cenovis Men's Multi Performance. Why?? Just in case, I do miss it often and will go without taking it for a while. Don't notice any difference if I take it and don't take it...
  10. A

    Bmx action returns to shepp

    BMX ACTION RETURNS TO SHEPP! The BMX Victoria pre state titles and Dynamites and Crackerjack Finals take over the Shepparton Bmx Club this weekend. Find out everything you need to know here:http://bit.ly/BMXOct15
  11. Puggy

    CNS Stimulants - help CNS gains? Or just mask fatigue?

    CNS Stimulants range from Caffeine to the Amphetamine family. Probably someone with experience or from a medical background could answer this. Do CNS Stimulants actually improve CNS gains or do they just mask fatigue while they're active?

    Clearance Sale Up to 75% Off

    Clearance Sale now live on TP website. https://www.trueprotein.com.au/clearance Massive savings to be had across full range of categories, including protein, carbs and amino acids. Majority of sale items are due to expire November 2015, but with our sealed aluminium lined pouches I'd expect...
  13. kaz


    Why and I all of a sudden being bombarded with this in my FB newsfeed? I have FB friends sending me PM's to sell me the stuff!
  14. Shrek

    What are you using now, if any?

    With all the crap that went on with Protein Powders (let's not go into it, we all know what happened), what has everybody turned to? Have you gone back to the "Big US Brands","Aussie Big names" or still buying from the smaller (or not so small), local providers? For me I have not bought any for...
  15. Shrek

    Misc Supplement Thread

    Got a question or advice about a particular supplement and don't want to start a thread. Post in here.
  16. M

    WPC or WPI

    Whey Protein Concentrate or Isolate? What should I use? Whats the difference? About to buy some and would like some advice. Thanks in advance
  17. B

    Animal Pak

    Here's one for a multi: Universal, Animal Pak:I went through a tub of this a while ago. Effects: Literally felt like an animal all day long, felt pumped and ready. After a few days or using this product I noticed an increase in concentration also. Endurance in the gym was greatly improved, this...
  18. H

    [Article] Vitamins and Minerals

    Vitamins - meaning life giving substances are essential to the body. Many have been identified and separated in crystal form. Regular exercise requires higher requirements of vitamins and minerals. All vitamins have their particular purpose, but we need only concern ourselves with those...