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Here's one for a multi: Universal, Animal Pak:I went through a tub of this a while ago.

Effects: Literally felt like an animal all day long, felt pumped and ready. After a few days or using this product I noticed an increase in concentration also. Endurance in the gym was greatly improved, this might have been because my diet wasn't the greatest at the time. There were many good things I noticed that I didn't expect, this product suprised me.

Side-effects: Bright yellow piss. Tingles here and there.

11 pills or so, easier to swallow then it sounds, I was taking all at once with some water.

Price: $79.95. 44 Paks. Not great but can't complain.
Source: Local fitness store.

Size/Strength gains: From one tub it is hard to tell. However my workouts were much better.


New member
Sorry for bringing up an old thread, I've just started taking this now. I'm only 3days into it, but haven't trained yet. Tomorrow will be the first session though. Has anyone else taken this before? My boss has been taking it for quite a few months and said it's improved his health and training. He doesn't get sick at all really and if he does or gets a cut heals quickly.


I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
Its just a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overpriced multi - nothing else to report.


hahahaha 11 pills a day for a multi, mate you have been fukken stooged.\

Multivitamins haven't been proven to improve anything to be blunt. I'd say any wellbeing increases are due to the placebo effect.


I like the Animal line. Animal flex helped my knees out when I was injured. Just too many pills

Helped heal your knees? Does it contain Glucosamine or something. I think [MENTION=6722]Bazza20[/MENTION]; used that when his knees were dodgey.


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Helped heal your knees? Does it contain Glucosamine or something. I think [MENTION=6722]Bazza20[/MENTION]; used that when his knees were dodgey.
It's got all sorts of stuff in there including clucosamine. But it's a 3g blend of 4 ingredients so you don't really know how much you're getting of each.
I'd just run (or have been running) glucosamine and fish oil when the joints get a bit sore, don't get in to buying multis or anything like that any more