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  1. Cum Shot

    HUMATROPE HGH (LILLY) 72iu (24mg)

    Has anyone ran Humatrope before?
  2. A

    Dbol advice

    Hey all Im going to try s dbol only cycle as my first, to get in the swing of things. Plus im unable to get my hands on test. Anyway will the following work? Dbol 30mg for 6 weeks They have come in 10mg tablets What is the best way to dose? 3 10mg a day? Or 2 15mg etc? Once in the morning once...
  3. A

    Bodybuilder Peter James Russell jailed for illegally importing growth hormones, stero

    Bodybuilder Peter James Russell jailed for illegally importing growth hormones, steroids and ‘testicle shrinking’ pills into Australia A BODYBUILDER has been jailed over an international importation racket to smuggle illegal growth hormones and steroids into the country — along with drugs to...
  4. M

    Anavar or Superdrol

    Anyone have any reviews or recommendations?
  5. A

    How protein shakes, weightloss pills and powders can kill

    THEY’RE advertised as the miracle-workers that can help you lose weight, gain muscle or obtain vital nutrients. But over-the-counter supplements, from vitamin pills to the protein powder in your shake, have the potential to seriously harm or even kill you. This week, 27-year-old Matthew Whitby...
  6. A

    What's the most interesting thing you've witnessed on a run?

    What's the most interesting thing you've witnessed on a run?
  7. Shrek

    DNP kills girl

  8. A

    [The Atlantic] Rich People Exercise, Poor People Take Diet Pills

    Article Summary; A new study has been published - it looks at the incomes and health habits of more than 3,000 children and more than 5,000 adults. 2/3 of the study subjects reported attempting to lose weight in the past year. Despite this efforts, the adults gained an average of 3 pounds, and...
  9. L

    Multi-Vitamin help :)

    Hey everyone, first post on the forum, and am loving it so far! I'm in the hunt for a daily multi vitamin, and am weighing up Anavite by Gaspari nutrition and Opt-men by Optimum nutrition. I've heard great things from Animal Pak and Orange Triad, however not too keen on taking that many pill...
  10. A

    A barrage of marketing using big-name celebrities has Australians popping more pills

    THERE is a pill to help you sleep, to boost your mood and even to control your hunger. If you believe the advertising, a decent diet and exercise is no longer enough. And one in five Australian adults do believe - feeding a $1.8 billion vitamin industry that health experts...
  11. B

    How Attractive Are You?

    Hi Chaps and Chapettes, I was recently discussing an article with a friend of mine, that basically summarised that we're all ultimately attracted to people we feel are physically matched in attractiveness to ourselves. Now, with that being said, I suppose everyone's perception of 'beauty'...
  12. B

    Animal Pak

    Here's one for a multi: Universal, Animal Pak:I went through a tub of this a while ago. Effects: Literally felt like an animal all day long, felt pumped and ready. After a few days or using this product I noticed an increase in concentration also. Endurance in the gym was greatly improved, this...
  13. M

    Im 18 I need help. Weight loss pills?

    Hey everyone, names Matt and im 18 turning 19 in.. 4 days and I wanted to get some professional advice on my next goal i havent ever really seeked advice before just kinda gone with trial and error but yeah :) Name: Matt Age: 18 Location: Melbourne How long have you been interested in...
  14. H

    Weight Loss Supplements and Diet Pills

    Weight Loss Supplements and Diet Pills Successful and healthy fat loss can be achieved by proper diet and appropriate exercise alone. There is no magic bullet for weight loss. Some supplements and pills can provide an edge - but will only give you that extra 5-10% 'boost'. If you intend to...