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  1. C

    New member

    Hey everyone, Got a question about frequent urination? Currently on /wk test p500,tren ace 400,adex 1mg eod Cardarine 20mg on cardio days Experiencing very frequent need to piss especially at night ..often 6-8x! I've read this could be from an enlarged prostate..I've had it checked before...
  2. J

    Injuries and recovery - peptides

    Is there anything that can benefit recovery / soreness or is it all just advertising bullshit? I'm on the wrong side of 40 now and really struggling with joint soreness - knees, elbows, shoulders constantly fkn hurt, insides of elbows between elbow and wrist get bullshit sore. Starting to really...
  3. S

    Don Burke

    Some of these stories are pretty over the top. I remember growing up watching Don Burke on telly and thinking him a bit strange being a skinny little bloke doing a gardening show. Gotta like it when these female celebrities who get everything given to them got told lewd jokes (by Burke) just to...
  4. Shrek

    Top 50 Black Athletes of all time.

    No surprises for number one, ...but but no Tiger. WOW http://theundefeated.com/features/50-greatest-black-athletes/#earl-campbell ......but but no Tiger. WOW http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/article166247672.html
  5. H

    Grossest smelling/looking food that tastes good

    So i understand that this might be a tall order as a high percentage of taste is smell :p But recently my work colleagues are complaining that my food smells "disgusting" currently eating lean mince, spinach, brown rice with jalepenos and garlic mixed through. tastes fine i don't really care...
  6. N

    CORE Training - Without much stress on Back

    Hi guys , I was wondering if I can get some advise and suggestions on workout plan that I can follow to strengthen my CORE and loose belly fat . But my concern is my back , 6 months ago I had a slip disk and since then I have some sort of back niggles and minor issues. I always have to very...
  7. C

    Discussion on giving up alcohol and thoughts

    Interested in those who drink and dont and their thoughts? Personally i go through phases or fairly moderate drinking, to minimal, to nothing (not always that order). It is a good release but im finding i really enjoy my time better when not drinking (as time is the most valuable thing!) and...
  8. Shorr

    Why am I piss weak?

    Hey guys, I had to notice something: compared to most of you I am out of the "healthy balance" of the performance of the 3 lifts. I can bench 140kg but I can only squat 160kg and dead lift 200kg (@90kg BW). It shows me that I am piss weak on the lower part of my body (as well). Is there any...
  9. B

    Opinions on giant sets

    Hi all, Anyone here using giant sets in there training? I've been working them into my training over the past 3 weeks and find them great for cutting down on workout time. Mainly as a way to get through accessory work after the compound lifts. Any other opinions or experience with them? Would...
  10. R

    Ratio of ureagenesis (piss) and gluconeogenesis (sugar) after excess protein intake.

    Lets say you are smashing lots of processed protein shakes (whey) every day, way more than you need for example. What is the ratio of this protein that is converted to glucose (gluconeogenesis) and that is pissed out (ureagenesis)? I'm guessing it is a dynamic ratio also as urea can be...
  11. nazzysmith

    How to piss off a frog....

    how to piss off a frog.wmv - YouTube
  12. Rugby88

    How much water do you drink a day?

    I know everyone knows this but since increasing my water intake some around 2-3L a day to 4.5-6L I feel so much better, look so much better and never get bloated like I used to when I didnt drink much water. So as I said I drink between 4.5-6L a day - just normal water, nothing added to it or...
  13. B

    Animal Pak

    Here's one for a multi: Universal, Animal Pak:I went through a tub of this a while ago. Effects: Literally felt like an animal all day long, felt pumped and ready. After a few days or using this product I noticed an increase in concentration also. Endurance in the gym was greatly improved, this...