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Big Dave

New member
Hi all,

Anyone here using giant sets in there training? I've been working them into my training over the past 3 weeks and find them great for cutting down on workout time. Mainly as a way to get through accessory work after the compound lifts.

Any other opinions or experience with them? Would be interested to hear..

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Standard kunce
I find they are great to throw into the workout every now and then, but as far as strength goes, it dont think it helps a great deal for building strength if used over a long period of time.


Registered Rustler
Works really well for my arms
I use the fat bar and do reverse curls, overhead extensions then overhead press

Big Dave

New member
What are giant sets?

Giant sets is taking 3 or more exercises and doing one set of each without rest.

As an example I work lying tricep extensions x12 reps, leg curl x12 reps, dumbbell curls x11 reps into a single giant set without rest between each exercise.

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