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  1. S

    Aerobic exercise - do we need it?

    I know a lot of peeps here say "cardio pffftt!" But, do we need sustained (12-15 min) aerobic exercise? Not talking about high intensity weights, but actual cardio at a sustained higher intensity for at least 15 minutes numerous times a week??? Sometin to do with the left ventricle or something.
  2. A

    What are some foods that people commonly mistake as healthy?

    What are some foods that people commonly mistake as healthy?
  3. Reide

    I'm testing out a preworkout Green tea x50

    I really like the taste but I'm finding I have this buzzing feeling at first and then my energy drops so suddenly. I was recommended it by someone I know but I'm finding it's just so quick (15 minutes at most). Has anyone else tried it?
  4. Big Mick

    Coconut Water

    Seems to be the flavour of the month. My daughter loves it, she also goes nuts for actual coconuts. Anyone crazy about this new health craze?? Any opinions?? Benefits?? Negatives??
  5. gmmm1985


    Off to doctor today to quit smoking again. think I'm up to my 12th attempt now. has anyone found going to gym helped them quit. what helped you quit.
  6. wingman

    Squat: Worlds Worst Exercise

    Barbell Squat : the Worst Exercise in Existence? Have a read of this article. It's hilarious. Cliffs: 1) Apparently our skeletal spine isnt designed to take load 2) bar is loaded a long way from intended muscle group (legs) 3) The stronger you get, the more you load the bar and therefore the...
  7. T

    any actual bodybuilders here?

    I have to admit, i stumbled upon this site looking for advice, but also a chance to mix it with fellow aussie b/builders and share knowledge, opinions etc. However it seems there are mostly powerlifters or those who lift the iron not for competition or vanity, but rather health or strength? Am i...