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I know a lot of peeps here say "cardio pffftt!"

But, do we need sustained (12-15 min) aerobic exercise? Not talking about high intensity weights, but actual cardio at a sustained higher intensity for at least 15 minutes numerous times a week??? Sometin to do with the left ventricle or something.

Cum Shot

Bukkake Kunce
I thought aerobic exercise was much more beneficial to the body than anerobic exercise due to the stress it places on the cardiovascular system.

Please correct my arse if i am wrong:)


Define “fitness”

and we’ll talk

Why Goosey cat lol

I didn't mention fitness. I just mentioned the left ventricle as apparently only sustained aerobic exercise improves it.


Interestingly, anaerobic without oxygen practice is action that makes you be rapidly exhausted, such as dashing or lifting a substantial weight, models of high-impact practices incorporate cardio machines, turning, running, swimming, strolling, climbing, heart stimulating exercise classes, moving, cross country skiing
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