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  1. C

    Home Gym Flooring

    Does anyone have recommendations for home gym flooring? I want something that’s hard wearing and can install myself. I don’t drop weights on it (at least not intentionally). It’s to go on a concrete slab of a domestic house.
  2. S

    Aerobic exercise - do we need it?

    I know a lot of peeps here say "cardio pffftt!" But, do we need sustained (12-15 min) aerobic exercise? Not talking about high intensity weights, but actual cardio at a sustained higher intensity for at least 15 minutes numerous times a week??? Sometin to do with the left ventricle or something.
  3. Shrek

    Frequency v Volume

    Loving the frequency right now. 2 sets max, 4 x per week.
  4. Reide

    males do not want to enter this thread. Trust me.

    Is it normal to bleed (as if I'm on my period) after intense exercise? It only happens with certain movements (a great example that comes to mine is if I go on a swing set). The doctor said it's normal to happen but I thought something like that would stop after 6 months or so.
  5. spartacus

    high intensity or high volume, which is best?

    I have always thought that training heavy, too often, is not necessary. Thoughts? Here is a recent ergolog article. http://www.ergo-log.com/muscle-growth-is-the-same-whether-you-do-high-intensity-or-high-volume-resistance-training.html
  6. A

    people who workout to help with anxiety or depression:

    people who workout to help with anxiety or depression: do you find that it has to be a certain level of intensity or a certain type of workout, for it to work?
  7. Goosey


    http://youtu.be/EGcVb3wBL_Q this is how I workout mostly when using machines, I'm using machines more often now. 1. you can see perfect form 2. Pre-fatiguing 3. Perfect use on the smith 4. Incredibly high heart rate 5. Going to fatigue
  8. A


    who drinks it and if so sugar? fake sugar? milk? how do you like it? Also what kind of coffee do you drink.
  9. A

    Has your training changed as you get older?

    due to injuries? or the body not being able to take the strain anymore
  10. MaxBrenner

    Strength and Neuromuscular Adaptation Following One, Four and Eight Sets of High Inte

    From Lyle's site - Strength and Neuromuscular Adaptation Following One, Four and Eight Sets of High Intensity Resistance Exercise in Trained Males - Research Review | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald Strength and Neuromuscular Adaptation Following One, Four and Eight Sets of High...
  11. N

    Maintaining Intensity

    Hey everyone Just a question on how you guys maintain a good level of intensity during a workout?, does it come down to nutrition? supps? as I find sometimes towards the end im lacking. Thanks for your replies in advance. Nick
  12. Rugby88


    Link to excel sheets http://medlem.spray.se/damienthorne/Sheiko.htm Yo a few ppl have asked me about Sheiko and how I run the programs etc etc - So I thought I would just post up a thread. Now what I will normally do is run #29, then #37 - and then have a deload week. I feel that #29 is a...