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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
who drinks it and if so sugar? fake sugar? milk? how do you like it? Also what kind of coffee do you drink.
Chai caramel Latte with skinny organic soy milk, 2 sweeteners.

just kidding :)

Black and 2 sugars. Just like what i made for myself in the army when on operations
Loooooong black from my espresso machine. One shot in a mug, add hot water to fill it. Nice crema on top from the machine.

Stevia x 3 tabs.

Sometimes, but never in the morning, I might add a spoonful of cream or unhomo milk.

Double shot during training on heavy days.

1-3 mugs per day.

I just use pre ground coffee vacuum packed. Brazil beans or just common italian stuff in the gold pack.
Flat white, no sugar. Used to always have sugar but have learnt to live without it.
Became a bit of a coffee snob when I got a Nespresso machine. If I go to a friend's place and they offer me instant coffee, I'll have a cup of tea instead
Double or triple espresso, preferably single origin, no sugar or milk. Can drink 2 in a sitting and not raise a heartbeat.
Spoonful of instant coffee in my morning protein shake.

If it do have a regular cup of coffee, it will just be a bit of instant, small spoonful of stevia and a dash of milk. It's pointless adding sugar to coffee as it needs to be a bit bitter, not a flavoured milk. Sometimes I'll use almond milk.
Bunch of kunce

I used to steam my own milk and grind my own beans but I can't be farked with that anymore. Nespresso is like instant/quick coffee for me
I'll take it anyway. [MENTION=15762]Test-E[/MENTION]; still owes me a round. F#*$@n Kunce.