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  1. davileme94

    [Article] What was zyzz's diet?

    Hello Iron Warriors !!!! Well, I do this post to discuss a topic that I think many are curious about. What diet did Zyzz do while he lived on this earth? Zyzz did a carbohydrate cycling? Zyzz followed the CKD Ketogenic Diet? Or was Zyzz the genetically valued guy who ate tons of food and...
  2. W

    What are the guidelines for GPs in NSW to prescribe TRT?

    I got prescribed testosterone cream today. Endo gave me the choice of injection or cream but went with cream, I wish I went with injections in hindsight as I've heard better things about them. Anyway, my GP referred me to an endo because she said a GP isn't authorised to prescribe TRT. But now...
  3. S

    100 Squats

    Surprised at how hard it is. Without building up to it can you do em?
  4. H

    [Article] Noob dietary help

    Hey guys I've been to the doctor I've been to the dietician etc. Im struggling at the moment with getting fat again. I was very much obese when I did my shoulder in two years and i had to stop lifting so i decided to pull some weight. Long story short i went from 140kgs down to 81. Went up to...
  5. Headley

    Excess sugar opinion.

    http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/comment/the-notsosweet-link-between-big-sugar-and-the-body-that-accredits-dietitians-20170626-gwykpi.html A little concerning if true. The not-so-sweet link between Big Sugar and the peak body for dietitians...
  6. A

    Androforte 5

    Anyone used androforte 5 cream before? Is it good? Is it easy to get?
  7. Reide

    does anyone like cup soup

    I really like it.
  8. Repacked

    -Foodz on sale heads up thread-

    Seen your favourite snack food on sale? Seen chicken fillets at a mind blowing price? Got the inside track on gainz in a tub killer ice cream? Well don't be a selfish kunce - help out your brothers and sisters and post a heads-up here!
  9. A

    How this woman transformed from a bulimic to being a bodybuilding bikini model

    AN AMERICAN woman has revealed how she transformed from a depressed bulimic to a strong and healthy bikini model. Grace Marriott, 21, from Colorado, developed bulimia in 2011 after being bullied about her weight. She wore baggy clothes to hide her frame and would binge on junk food then purge...
  10. A

    This is what the "fittest woman on earth" eats every day

    Hint: her shopping cart consists of lots of eggs, avocados and leafy greens. Photo: Instagram @katrindavidsdottir She squats 115 kilos and has won the CrossFit Games two years running, so when Katrin Davidsdottir spills on what her day on a plate looks like, we’re all ears. Speaking to...
  11. M

    High protein milk

    https://www.woolworths.com.au/Shop/Browse/eggs-dairy-fridge/full-cream-milk?name=the-complete-dairy-full-cream-milk&productId=407509 thoughts???
  12. A

    Jason Blaha Exposed: His father reveals the truth?

  13. A

    Woman goes from obese to bikini model

    AN OVERWEIGHT woman looks unrecognisable after shedding half her body weight and becoming a stunning bikini competitor. After losing 52kg, Donna Gillie, 30, now proudly takes to the stage to reveal her hard work and her new svelte figure. Donna began her health journey when she found even...
  14. steveP

    Fuck your body positivity voice, and fuck your millennial heroes

    Saw this blog the other day and thought it was entertaining. ... http://www.lift-run-bang.com/2016/03/fuck-your-body-positivity-voice-and.html I'm going to preface this article with this warning early. This may easily be my most offensive article to date. I do have a...
  15. Shrek

    A2 milk in coffee

    Goosey; said it was the best coffee ever because of the A2 milk. I for one prefer the organic skim. [emoji1]
  16. T

    What is the difference between main Weight lifting and power lifting?

    Both the terms are most often used just wanna know the exact difference any one knows here?
  17. Reide

    can someone help me with a diet?

    So I was put on a vegan diet years ago due to medical issues. Long story. Any way I have gained width and weight. 5cm around the waist and 8cm around the booty. Someone suggested that it could be fat from my diet. I am not a food person. I don't really do the calorie thing. So I figured I'd...
  18. A

    6 week running improvement feedback?

    Hi all, Sice i've gone from been told that the next police intake was in July to finding out today the assessment centre is in 6 weeks, i'm in need to quickly get some gains on my running and general endurance. Yes I realise that I should have been focussing on this ages ago, but i'm an idiot...
  19. A

    Bodybuilding for beginners

    If you could impart any advice for beginners who want to get into bodybuilding what would it be?
  20. S

    How do you guys eat your sweet potatoes?

    How do you guys eat your sweet potatoes?