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  1. L

    program reviews

    hopefully this will be informative,there is a website on the net which does cover pretty much all the well known programs but i thought it would be interesting to get the opinions of peeps here.
  2. S

    Aerobic exercise - do we need it?

    I know a lot of peeps here say "cardio pffftt!" But, do we need sustained (12-15 min) aerobic exercise? Not talking about high intensity weights, but actual cardio at a sustained higher intensity for at least 15 minutes numerous times a week??? Sometin to do with the left ventricle or something.
  3. U

    Any recipes for bulk meal peeps for mass gain

    Hi everyone. Just wanting to know if anyone has stumbled across any meal prep recipes for making them up in milk with good amounts of calories and nutrients. I’ve been buying gym foods 20 x 500g meals but I’m Thinking there would be a way to make it cheaper. Anyway hope someone can help
  4. S

    What are peeps doing for Ab work atm?

    I'm still sticking to different variations of Crunches and Reverse Crunches. Don't do many Planks or the new fangaled stuff.
  5. S

    Sumo and super Bench arches.

    Are lifters with tiny roms stronger ?does it hurt the sport from a mainstream perspective to see the manipulation of powerlifting rules?Now dont get me wrong im not trying to come across as disrespectful to peeps who train hard and put up huge numbers but to my way of thinking a big conventional...
  6. A

    3% man

    A friend recently gave me this book to read , it's a pretty good read enlightens you on a few things Any of you peeps given it a gander before ?
  7. S

    Red Meat (unprocessed)

    What's a healthy amount? I know this is a Lifting forum where every meathead is gonna say "nothing wrong with Red Meat". And I know peeps like @Bazza20; who like to eat a Cow a day, just wipe it's arse cut off its horns and throw it on a plate, but what is a healthy amount. And I know every...
  8. A

    Ausbb may experience a bit of downtime

    Ausbb may experience a bit of downtime while we do a few upgrades Thanks for your patience
  9. A

    a few have signed up the transformation challenge

    A few people have signed up now , so good to see some people are getting on board
  10. Jungnaut

    Forever on spread

    I am getting confused! What's going on. I can't give reps out to anyone for ages now. You must spread more rep before giving it to this person again. Well, c'mon having to rep the whole forum just to be able to re-rep again is a bit pointless, no? no? :confused:
  11. steveP

    Max's Challenge 2015

    It's on again, this time starting in February (tomorrow). Simply go here and sign up from midnight tonight. Max's Muscle-Up Challenge 2014 The official start will be in 2 weeks, but the earlier you sign up, the more of a head start you have. There is also a female version of the challenge...
  12. Rugby88

    Forum/s and training

    Do you think you would still be training or still be as into training if it wasn't for the fact you were on bodybuilding/fitness/strength forum/s like Ausbb? I know personally forums have played a fairly big part in my training life - 1st looking over bb.com and then branching out to other...
  13. A

    Peeps who try to workout and working graveyard shift

    When do you work out? In the morning after your shift ends? or In the evening before your shift starts?
  14. T

    Hi peeps

    Hi all I'm new to this site and looking forward to getting to know you guys and girls Have a great weekend :)
  15. gymandfitness

    Crossfit peeps: wooden gymnastic rings

    Arrived last week... Wooden Gymnastics Rings Gymnastic Rings
  16. kaz

    [Movie] Mad Max 4: Fury Road

    The only positive I have seen about this film so far, is that Tom Hardy plays Max. (Forrest from latest release Lawless and movie Warrior) I loved the original Trilogy but is this movie going to be like flogging off a dead horse? Ive been waiting for years for this release, ever since Angry...
  17. A

    sorry peeps

    Sorry peeps i haven't been around as much in the last couple of weeks ,have had other things on my plate. I've been working night shift 11pm-7am and having relationship troubles so haven't been in much of a good mood I have been checking in every so often to see how things are going , smooth...