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    The Decision to Use Steroids | Anabolics Science Explained

  2. A

    Bodybuilder can't live without anabolics despite suffering a cyst

    'Steroids are fantastic, I don't even mind the side effects': Bodybuilder can't live without anabolics despite suffering a cyst the size of a tennis ball and losing his job thanks to 'roid rage' Oli Smith claims Class C drugs help him have sex until he 'passes out' 23-year-old carpet...
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    Global Anabolics test-300 Legit?

    Hey guys! Apologies for being one of those new members going straight to the steroid section! Been training for 5 years, 91kgs, 12% bf. Second cycle about to commence. Reliable source, but wanting to know if anyone has had experience with GA test-300. Of note, my 10ml vials have a green logo as...