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  1. M

    Doctor Brisbane/GC ??

    any indication of doctor in Brisbane? I need to do a testo reposition. The doctor I usually go to is not in Australia anymore, does anyone have any indication? TIA
  2. J

    Legit steroid website ??

    Hi their family, Can anyone tell me of an actual legit website in Australia to get anabolics? It sux ausjuice arnt around anymore and just found out eliteozpharma are from UK so it takes a while for arrival. So with all the others out their that are scams can someone do me a solid and point me...
  3. N

    Melanotan 2

    Hi guys sorry if it's not allowed on here but i'm interested in buying Melanotan 2. DOes anyone know where i can buy this stuff in Australia . I live in Melbourne also i have some questions about it. I'm naturally pale with dark circles and a few freckles on my face i'm worried it will make it...
  4. B

    Cardarine / GW50156

    Where do you guys get your GW from now it's unable to be sold in Oz? Thinking about purchasing from OS but not sure on the chance of getting in and quality, also only keen on liquid but not caps? Any pointers would be appreciated.
  5. B

    Australian SARM companies

    Does anyone know of any good Australian SARM supplies that have correct dosing?
  6. Shrek

    Insults not tolerated

    Hey people, Not going to put up with insults or crap posting anymore. Too much of it lately. Don’t whinge if your post is deleted. Today has been better. Keep it that way please.
  7. Cum Shot


    Any kunts on here use creatine mono?
  8. A

    Most Underrated Exercises Thread

    What are some underrated exercises that not many do anymore to grow certain body parts better based on your experiences?
  9. A

    What is the greatest sacrifice you have made for bodybuilding?

    What is the greatest sacrifice you have made for bodybuilding?
  10. X

    Pre workout for focus at work

    Hi, I used to do power lifting and took the original mesomoporph pre workout to train. I don't lift anymore but I am interested in using some pre workout for energy when I am laying carpet, which is quite physical. Could anyone please recommend something that could match the old dmaa powders...
  11. A

    Why do you gals lift? Whats your biggest motivation/goal?

    Why do you gals lift? Whats your biggest motivation/goal?
  12. A

    At what point did you not consider yourself as novice anymore?

    At what point did you realize you're no longer a novice lifter?
  13. kaz

    Would you pay more for Free Range eggs?

    With some states and businesses working to eliminate the sales of caged eggs over the next few years, are you willing to pay more for FR eggs? Do you have a preference?
  14. H

    Front Squats/Back Squats

    So I came across this squat program the other day, messed me up more than I was expecting. You take 65% of your 1RM Front Squat and do 7 Front Squats and 13 Back Squats with no rest between other than to rack bar on your back x 4 sets. Give it a go and let me know what you think, maybe I'm just...
  15. DKD

    Who's had good results with higher reps?

    I'm interested to hear stories from anyone who feels they've made good physique improvements on any particular body parts, using a higher rep range......say anywhere between 12-20 or beyond. I clearly recall Fadi saying once that he made the best gains on his back when he did higher reps for...