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New member
Where do you guys get your GW from now it's unable to be sold in Oz?

Thinking about purchasing from OS but not sure on the chance of getting in and quality, also only keen on liquid but not caps?

Any pointers would be appreciated.


Fucked up Kunce
It’s rare now.
I used it once. Wasn’t impressed so haven’t bothered anymore.

Mk677 is where it’s at.

Cum Shot

Bukkake Kunce
I don't know anyone using GW.

Sarms are such a small fraction of the peds market, their like 0.01% so they don't really measure up.


Fucked up Kunce
I don’t know to be honest.
You would like to think they are legit but who knows?


New member
alright thanks, bought some GW a couple of years back and I'm sure I got duped, very expensive lesson learned plus you don't know what you are ingesting