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  1. A

    Welcome on board AminoZ

    AminoS provide low-cost, high quality and BS-free products and information to help their customers achieve their health and fitness goals.
  2. P

    Australian Lab Test

    Hi Guys, Can you point me to an affordable reputable lab that I can use to test the quality of peptides and HGH I have purchased. Thanks
  3. P

    Want To Buy Power Rack / Squat Rack Sydney

    Hi everyone! I’m chasing a power cage or even squat rack preferably commercial quality but also don’t have a huge budget. And Olympic bars. I think I may be dreaming on the commercial quality but yeah, something not completely garbage.. To be honest $500-700 is the budget Haven’t lifted in...
  4. B

    Cardarine / GW50156

    Where do you guys get your GW from now it's unable to be sold in Oz? Thinking about purchasing from OS but not sure on the chance of getting in and quality, also only keen on liquid but not caps? Any pointers would be appreciated.
  5. D

    Good quality deadlift socks?

    Looking some good quality deadlift socks, any recommendations? :)
  6. D

    V2 squat rack - commercial quality @ domestic prices 4 october

    FLEX STILL PRODUCING RESULTS !!!! GYM QUALITY HALF RACK- ARMORTECH V2 SQUAT RACK https://www.flexequipment.com.au/hd-v2-squat-rack-freestanding RRP $1,099.00 $499.00 WAS $899.00 SAVE $600.00 (55%) REMEMBER AUSBB MEMBERS TAKE A FURTHER 10% OFF AUSBB = $449.1
  7. V

    Austpeptides & PerformanceClinics Ipam & CJC1295 Dac ,TB500, BPC 157

    Just wanted to post a thread on peptides & update y'all on their quality from 2 sources (check the tite - domestic sources ). also wanted to know if anyone had ran their stuff before and how it all went. I m running: Ipam & CJC1295 Dac (perfomanclinic) TB500 BPC- 157 (austpep)...
  8. Goosey

    Protein supplement for seniors

    I've been reading that older people can benefit from a protein supplement as we age our body cannot utilize it well enough. my father in law is now 80 and very active, he's noticing a loss in muscle. my question to you all (the ones that have done their homework) which powder is the best and...
  9. A

    Dorian Yates - 1995 Mr. Olympia - High quality scans!

    Dorian Yates - 1995 Mr. Olympia - High quality scans! (source) · 12 hours ago 1,184 views Post Options [/FONT][/COLOR]
  10. Reide

    Best place to buy sports clothes

    Lornajane is so pricey. Kmart is uncomfortable. I need to buy some more pants soon as I keep changing shape. So any tips of decent quality for little price would be awesome
  11. A

    How Do You Thaw Your Meat?

    The three ways your supposed to do is cold water, in the fridge or the microwave. How Do You Thaw Your Meat?
  12. G

    hcg from gear199

    hi guys, did anyone tryed hcg (or other product) from gear199? cheers guys, i just want to make sure about quality and ability to arrive in aus with no probs
  13. P

    Pre-prepared meals

    Does anyone use pre-prepared meals? Things like: http://www.fivepointfour.com.au/ I used to spend sometime on the weekend doing my meal prep but I am finding it harder to get do everything (work, training, family, hobbies etc...) so am looking at the prepared meals option. Just dont know what...
  14. Neddysmith

    Online Butchers anyone use em?

    As the titles says. Does anyone here use any online butchers for ordering their meat. We had a great butcher but recently he sold out and since then that butcher has gone way down hill in quality and way uphill on price, also a few other butchers I have been going to have been very hit and...
  15. A

    Weakpoint Monday: Arms

    What do you do to bring up those arms. What do you do to add mass/definition to your arms? Volume? Intensity? Drop sets?
  16. A

    Middle Age Men Using Testosterone Care About Quality Of Life Not Cheating

    Middle Age Men Using Testosterone Care About Quality Of Life Not Cheating
  17. F

    The more someone wants you the less you want them?

    I'm seeing this chick that's wanting me more and more (not a bad thing but aye) and its kind of turning me off her. Thoughts?
  18. B

    Quality Bodybuilding Gym Brisbane

    My membership is about to expire at my 'Chain' gym. Thinking of join World Gym Southside...any other gym around like this one?
  19. P

    best quality, low carb protein bar?

    Aussie Bodies HPLC Bar 100g (Box of 12) l Protein Bar Hey all, Looking to get some protein bars i can eat as snacks. Is the aussie bodies hplc the best bang for buck protein bar u can get? I believe in buying in bulk for cost savings so this is also to be considered too! Cheers
  20. A

    Lat pulldown/low row single stations - any ideas for good quality ones on a budget?

    Just looking at getting a lat pulldown/low row station and wondering whether anyone has any recommendations or experiences with any? Don't really know where to start with them..