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  1. B

    Cardarine / GW50156

    Where do you guys get your GW from now it's unable to be sold in Oz? Thinking about purchasing from OS but not sure on the chance of getting in and quality, also only keen on liquid but not caps? Any pointers would be appreciated.
  2. I

    🔥*Give the gift of lift! | Your favourites are now back at Iron Tanks! 🔥*

    🔥*Give the gift of lift! | Your favourites are now back at Iron Tanks! 🔥*
  3. Shrek

    Epic, Sarms and other stuff

    Super Andarine will get through customs, won't it?
  4. N

    What is this preworkout?

    Today I was given 5 caps by a guy in the gym which is apparently something like "Javason" or something similarly pronounced, I tried googling but can't find anything. I tried it tonight and it was like fucking speed lol
  5. B

    Last day of AMP Citrate (NO3X Pre Workout and AMP caps) July 30th

    We're sorry to say that NO3X will no longer be available after the 30th of July. Products containing Amp Citrate will be voluntarily withdrawn from sale to ensure we comply with upcoming legilsation changes. If you are a fan of NO3X, this is your last chance to obtain some before it's gone...
  6. Repacked

    Promo Code

    Bulk Nutrients; I cannot to get the 'AusbbShaker' promo code to work at checkout. it's never worked in the past either, why is this?
  7. B

    November promo - All November- Free 120 Alpha Caps with 4kg Biobulker

    All November- Free 120 Alpha Caps with every 4kg Biobulker you buy! Alpha: Alpha Capsules BioBulker: BioBulker
  8. S

    Pain behind knee caps

    it's been many years since I've squatted and I messed up my form a couple of weeks ago trying to get back into it. My knees came forward quite bit and I felt a sharp burning sensation behind the whole of the knee caps on both knees. Every day after that I had a bit of inflammation but it didn't...
  9. B

    March Promo - Free Burner or Test Booster caps

    All through March, you'll find one of these two products in your order free of charge for all $250+ orders. PLEASE NOTE YOUR PREFERRED CHOICE IN THE SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE.
  10. B

    BN Burner Combo Caps

    I'm using the BN Burner combination caps at the moment and noticed that some of the capsules are more effective then others, has anyone else noticed this?? By this I mean sometimes I heat up more then other times with the same dose
  11. D

    Any one have a couple of ammonia caps i buy/have for comp on sunday?

    hi all, Im competing at sydney open this sunday and i have been trying to track down a couple of ammonia caps however havnt had any luck in finding any...seems impossible to get aprt from ordering online (which is too late to now) just woundering if any one has some i could have/ buy off for...
  12. B

    [Cycling] Tube Valve Caps

    So who else has a collection of valve caps? I have a plastic container full of plastic valve caps, as i mainly reuse the valve caps from the punctured tube In my container there is around 15 of them Does anybody else have a collection of Tube Valve Caps? How many?
  13. M

    [Cycling] Those little caps on valves?

    What are those little caps that everyone loses called that you put on air valves? Where can I get them and do they come in different colours etc? Thanks guys