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  1. P

    Australian Lab Test

    Hi Guys, Can you point me to an affordable reputable lab that I can use to test the quality of peptides and HGH I have purchased. Thanks
  2. U

    Does anyone know about “mass tropin” made by mi labs

    As above thanks
  3. Stiff 2G

    I found the source of the Coronavirus

    Which seems to concur with intelligence reports https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/global/wuhan-lab-had-emergency-shutdown-last-october/news-story/ad498c507be5f88746e87946fd17c186
  4. B

    Cardarine / GW50156

    Where do you guys get your GW from now it's unable to be sold in Oz? Thinking about purchasing from OS but not sure on the chance of getting in and quality, also only keen on liquid but not caps? Any pointers would be appreciated.
  5. WoodyAllen

    Tumeric and curcumin

    Yet another "superfood" and miracle supplement that isn't. "...there's no evidence it has any specific therapeutic benefits, despite thousands of research papers and more than 120 clinical trials..."...
  6. S

    Iorn mag labs

    Hi all just seen if anyone has had any experience with iorn mag labs products some feed back would greatly be appreciated
  7. S

    Australia Peptide Websites

    Hey All, I've recently purchased some peptides off a seemingly credible website. I used my Medicare and filled in a questionnaire and they were shipped to my house from a Sydney lab (legit with website and 1300 number) However I've been told my a doctor that online peptides are nothing by 70%...
  8. V

    Best lab at the moment

    Hey guys Whats one of the better labs at the moment. Kind regards val
  9. J

    Viagra or ciallis?

    Any difference between the two and where's a good place online to get? Grunta or Undercover any help?
  10. C

    Australian Lab Testing of Gear

    Just wondering if anybody would know of any Australian Labs where you can send in say one Testosterone Ethanate vial to see if it's underdosed or bunk?
  11. R

    2 x Olympus lab conqu3r

    Getting rid of 2 sealed conqu3r pre workout watermelon flavouredflavoured as it has a negative impact on my sleep, ingredient profile is really great with excellent dosages, take a look at it, looking for about $80 posted
  12. B

    Lab testing of protein powder is now FREE!

    Free Lab Testing of your protein. Over the past 6 months there have been some interesting findings in the Supplement Industry. Unfortunately it is now clear that you don’t always get what you pay for. Some products have proved to be right on spec, while others way under, and there is...
  13. rambo

    Controlled Lab Supps

    I'm looking at stacking these items from Controlled Labs White Flood - Nitric Oxide? Purple Wraath - BCA's? Green Magnitude - Creatine? I can get all three for around $200 delivered. Has anyone tried them? Would it be cheaper purchasing the seperate ingredients say from bulknutrients and...