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  1. Sticky

    Stickys Guide To Knee Wraps.

    Toying of the idea of trying knee wraps? Got knee wraps, but didn't actually put any real thought into what wraps to buy? Here is a little article I wrote on the different types of wraps that are available and what wrap I think suits what style best. Taken from...
  2. Goosey

    Gut check back to basics

    I'm a big fan of Japanese Pro-Wrestling. I got into it years ago from reading Dave Meltzer's awesome Wrestling Observer Newsletter(I think I started subscribing to WON in 1984 and have been reading it ever since). In Japan Pro-Wrestling is one of their major sports... there's Sumo and there's...
  3. WoodyAllen

    Basics of getting stronger and/or bigger

  4. Shrek

    "Big on the Basics: Front Squat with Dan "BOSS" Green"

  5. Fadi

    Sit before you stand for bigger biceps

    I was just reading Andy's comment in this thread Bar Curls - Core Stability Post #17 01-09-2010 12:49 PM And it gave me an idea to write few words on the subject, since I agree with Andy re that ridiculous modern preacher bench; ridiculous because of its wrong design. With that said, here...
  6. C

    Trying to to decide which Power Cage

    Hello all, I'm looking at setting up a home gym and trying to decide what the best Power cage to get. Really looking at it for your basics - Squats, Bench work, Chin ups. Room shouldn't be a issue as I'm looking at undercover out doors. Trying to tossing up between the Barbarian Commercial...
  7. A

    Redfern’s Lift Performance Centre gets back to basics with old-school fitness program

    Redfern’s Lift Performance Centre gets back to basics with old-school fitness programs — and no mirrorsPOSERS and narcissists are not welcome at a new Sydney gym, which has banned mirrors, loud music and televisions in favour of old-fashioned sweat. Cato Rutherford’s Lift Performance Centre at...
  8. Neddysmith

    Training a female suggestions?

    Hey Guys, I have been asked my a female friend to train her and help her out. First off I am not a qualified PT or anything like that, she knows this and is fine with it, just going to do some training with her and show her the ropes and setup with a program etc and some advice to get her...
  9. A

    What's the Basics of a Good Training Program?

    In your opinion, what's the basics of a good training program that achieves the following goals: 1) Enhances physical appearance both muscularly and aesthetically 2) Increases strength and other significant markers of performance (speed, agility, flexibility, etc) 3) Improves overall...
  10. R

    My journey with peptides

    So I've been working out for about 4 years now properly and have now decided its time to try a little something more than a good diet and supplements. So I've decided to try Ghrp-2 and Mod grf 1-29. Now after doing all the same research as I'm sure everyone else has done before starting any...
  11. 1

    Basics of clean Bulking

    Hi guys, been weight training for about 2yrs now but haven't taken it seriously until recently my training has been up to scratch but my dieting is very poor im currently 75kg, 5'7 and around 20-25% bf i hoping to lose fat and gain muscle what foods should i eat and try avoid eating? my friend...
  12. A

    Basics of ketogenic dieting

    Basics of ketogenic dieting [ Posted by Mr. Intensity @ "]www.dorianyates.net] What exactly is Ketosis? The metabolic state of ketosis simply means that the quantity of ketone bodies in the blood have reached higher than normal levels. When the body is in a...
  13. walt

    The Basics of Steroids - For the NEWBIES

    mods please delete this thread thanks
  14. A

    Boxing Basics

    HANDWRAPS Handwraps help protect the bones and tendons in your hands, Also they will help support your wrist and thumb therefore preventing basic hand injurys mainly due from wrist bending when hitting bag or oppenent. There are many differnt types such as traditional cotton herringbone...
  15. Goosey

    Basics, basics basics...

    You need to work your lower body with a compound squatting exercise. You need to work your lower body with a compound pulling exercise. You need to work your upper body with a compound pressing exercise. You need to work you upper body with a compound pulling exercise. You want to get a...
  16. B

    Supplement Basics

    hi ya all, been doing a bit of reading up on supplement especially protein and creatine, but I am still not quite sure on what are good products, and how these two should be taken. I am 19 and pretty big both height and weight wise (standing 2m tall and weighing in at 115kg) i've been doing...
  17. J

    The Basics

    i was once asked what I considered were " the basics" in terms of training, diet, and supplementation. So here it is Training: - work 2 bodyparts (BP) per day in a thre day split, something like this: Day 1: Chest (10) and Tris (8) Day 2: Back (12) Bis (8) Day 3: SHoulders (10) Legs (12)...