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  1. leachy

    Squat is Broken

    My squat just won't move. Just this year my deadlift has gone from 190 to 210 and my bench from 80 to 90, however it feels like my squat is getting worse. Here are some workouts from the last 3 months. Today I couldn't even get 145 above parallel. It really feels like right now atm, I...
  2. G

    Deadlifting after broken ankle?

    Hi Last april, i dislocated my ankle in a basketball match, but as we were short on players and it was the grand final, i popped my ankle back in and kept playing. Hurt like mad for a week or two. then in May, i broke that ankle in a very similar injury, 8 weeks in a cast. In august i started...
  3. T

    Create account page Broken??

    Hi Hulk, I tried to create an account on gymdirect.com.au, and it is not happening. is your site broken or is there another issue? I'm chasing some pricing, as I'm looking to order a bar and weights. Cheers, Dean
  4. Goosey


    Sometimes I like to mix this up, if my target for an exercise is say 15' I will start at 15 and work back, or I might break it into into fives, occasionally when I'm on the last five I'll break it down to ones. I do whatever I can. Breaking into fives works quite well for 20 reppers. Along...
  5. kindred

    I started a garden but nothing is growing!

    I can't get my seeds to sprout. What should I do?
  6. G

    muscle and broken bones / dissociations

    Hey all, I'm just curious if I build more muscle not a lot as I'm a chic and don't want to be huge. Will this help prevent me from breaking bones and putting bones out of place? As I have recently changed jobs and I get smashed into a lot of hard fences and hit the ground a lot. I break in...
  7. A

    Have You Ever Been on TV?

    so how many you have been on tv ? i've been in a commercial for a game arcade and in the crowd on the community channel 31
  8. A

    [Cycling] broken bones/injuries

    since starting MTB'ing how many bones you have broken so far i have broken my collar bone and wrists then there is the gravel rash/scratches, cuts and bruises