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  1. G

    SARMS Australia

    Does anyone know if SARMS Australia (sarmsaustralia.com.au) are legit? They seem to be the only place in Australia advertising completely legal sarms, but they don't respond to facebook messages or emails which is a bit of a red flag
  2. B

    legit sarms websites?

    looking for legit sarms websites australia
  3. I

    Boxing Day Sales On Now! 30% Off Storewide!

    Merry Christmas AusBB! Boxing Day Sales On Now! ? Includes all apparel, footwear and lifting accessories (belts, sleeves, wraps +more). Use the code "BOXING18" at the checkout. Ends in 48 hours! irontanksgymgear.com Gym Gear Built #Iron Tough
  4. L

    Too 10 powerlifters Wilks coefficient

    interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aPzKQk4X38
  5. A

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Asad and joined ausbb forum to interact with guys who likes to hit gym frequently. I am currently in a food business where I sell weight loss prepared meals and its important I stay in touch with my potential customers to understand the market needs and improve my products.
  6. Shrek

    Botched boob job

    Salon owner ‘may not survive’ after botched boob job - Daily Telegraph https://apple.news/AExY-VRxqTA2Vu8TrUvUDsQ
  7. S

    PT's in Parks

    You see P.T.'s in public Parks all the time now. They all seem to be getting their Clients to do a Circuit type program ie. Medicine Ball lifts and throws, Bands, Push Ups, Abs and other stuff. It seems to me that they are just targeting the ill-informed and running/starting a Business that...
  8. Shrek

    Money in Bodybuilding

  9. S

    Facebook - fuck me!!!

    Facebook is using sophisticated algorithms to identify and exploit Australians as young as 14, by allowing advertisers to target them at their most vulnerable, including when they feel “worthless” and “insecure”, secret internal documents *reveal...
  10. Darkoz

    Theme form the movie Fifth Element

    The song in the movie The Fifth Element sung by an alien opera singer was computer synthesized as it was thought not possible for a person to actually sing it. This Chinese opera singer with an extraordinary vouce performs it live. Watch it right through. (Sorry I have no idea how to embed the...
  11. WoodyAllen

    Too much protein

    Seriously? https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/dec/26/protein-hype-shoppers-flushing-money-down-the-toilet-say-experts I'm going to start up a new superfood business. Sand. Cant go wrong with idiots.
  12. A

    People that have dropped out of fitness, how did you get back into it?

    People that have dropped out of fitness, how did you get back into it? dropping out due to injury , time , motivation
  13. Shrek

    "Jay Cutler - The mindset of a champion"

  14. A

    Good brands for lifting belts and wrist straps?

    What are some good brands for lifting belts and wrist straps?
  15. S

    Colgate colluded with rivals and Woolworths to rip you off - KUNTS

    Colgate has been found guilty of conspiring with rivals to manipulate the laundry detergent market. Household name Colgate has been found guilty of conspiring with two rivals and supermarket giant Woolworths to manipulate the laundry detergent market and rip off customers, in what its...
  16. Reide

    Developing facebook for business and getting clients?

    I've qualified in cert 3 fitness (so I can legally be a group instructor) and I am currently in cert 4 (P.T) and I was wondering what should I do to develop my name and get myself out there prior to qualifying? I have made a facebook. I have some progress photos of myself. I have some food...
  17. Big Mick

    Samson Barbells Seated or Standing Calf Raise.

    Anyone have one for sale??
  18. kaz

    Would you pay more for Free Range eggs?

    With some states and businesses working to eliminate the sales of caged eggs over the next few years, are you willing to pay more for FR eggs? Do you have a preference?
  19. M

    *** business opportunity for personal trainers ***

    Hi there, I am currently working on a business proposition which I will be pitching to a Board of investors at the end of the term. My business idea is to launch a mobile application which will deliver a step-by-step diet and workout plan allowing users to achieve their health goal. Their...
  20. Shrek

    Do you joke around and have FUN in the GYM or do you keep it all BUSINESS?

    Do you joke around and have FUN in the GYM or do you keep it all BUSINESS?