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  1. Shrek

    Post up what you are eating V2.0

    V1 here http://ausbb.com/showthread.php?t=8574
  2. F

    any simple protein pancakes recipes?

    so I'm a pancake eating machine and I've tried a few recipes that tasted awful, any recommendations?
  3. Repacked

    FYI Low carb protein bread, pancakes & others..**15% Discount**

    Some interesting stuff if your diet requires... https://theproteinbreadco.com.au/ ***Ausbb discount *** ausbb15
  4. D

    Bulk Nutrients-Free pancakes

    Hey Guys, Have a discount code for Bulk Nutrients that gets you a free 100g Pancakes with your order. Not much but better than nothing, I like the Vanilla and Cinnamon flavors. Code is: ELLEYFITNESS Just select the 100g Pancakes and when you use the code it will change them to $0. Cheers
  5. jzpowahz

    choc/peanut & vanilla/cinnamon protein cakes

    CHOC PEANUT PROTEIN YOGHURT PIE 4 tbsp peanut butter 60g chocolate protein powder 1 sachet of gelatine 125ml skim milk 500g Nestle Soliel vanilla yogurt 1 tbsp PB2 peanut flour 3 tbsp cold water pinch of salt OPTIONAL -sweet pie base, chocolate to garnish Put cold water in a mixing...
  6. chocchillimango

    Chestnut Protein Cakes!

    For lovers of chestnuts ... made these yesterday to have as a treat. They'd be great frosted with whatever creamy stuff you like. I prefer them with almond or hazelnut butter (OMG) or nutella or marmalade or fruit or all at once :) I warm them up in the microwave a little before serving as...