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  1. F

    Are lifting straps for the weak?

    The direct answer is no they're not for the weak, unless you consider some of the world's strongest men weak! When you're lifting really heavy (relative to you) for repetitions, or you're holding a weight statically momentarily before moving it (such in a halting deadlift position with a...
  2. S

    New member

    Hey guys New member here. 34yo male Lifting for 5 years Ballarat, Vic based Always looking for more size and stay lean Love all things fitness and sport. Looking forward to hearing everyone's story, answering questions and asking a heap myself. Say hi [emoji1360]
  3. A

    Why is it called a “medicine ball”?

    Medicine balls, for those of you who haven’t been to a gym or never accidentally kicked one thinking it was like a soccer ball (true story), are heavy weighted balls coming in a variety of sizes and weights (with the biggest we could find ringing in at a whopping 150 pounds) with a diverse range...
  4. A

    fetish boot camp run by Dominatrix Mistress Anna

    So your personal trainer doesn't push you hard enough? looking for that extra push to get you fit , well triy fetish boot camp run by Dominatrix Mistress AnnaCLIENTS are put through their paces with a series of lunges, jumps and squats. The routines are gruelling and are enough to reduce most to...
  5. Darkoz

    Meanwhile back at the camp

    Hitler is Pissed about Powerlifting - YouTube
  6. A

    anyone like to camp?

    not talking about rocking up with a caravan , but i mean roughing it with a tent and sleeping back , getting a huge arse fire rip roaring (on days that they are permitted) haven't been camping in awhile , but normally head up to the murry as it's just under an hours drive away take the boat...
  7. Shrek

    At least 80 killed in youth camp shooting

    Police say at least 80 people have been killed in a shooting spree at the youth camp of Norway's Labour Party Police director Oystein Maeland told reporters early on Saturday they had discovered many more victims after initially reporting the death toll at 10. Maeland couldn't say how many...
  8. R

    Football (Gridiron) Camp in the USA

    Hey guys, I have been training with Markos at PTC since late May of this year in the hope of becoming a better athlete in my pursuit of a scholarship to play College Football in the US. My biggest opportunity to achieve my goal starts this weekend when I fly to the US to take part in a...
  9. kindred

    Boot camp for obese people?

    I was thinking of doing some sort of boot camp. Do you think I can handle it im 132kg? I wanna get fit enough to start running again because running on the beach in the morning is pretty awsome for fun and relaxation.
  10. A

    Hi [you] and welcome to ausbb

    Welcome to Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding,[you] Hope that you enjoy your stay here at Ausbb , Introduce yourself , look around , ask some questions or just hang back in General Chat