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  1. J

    Aus bbq sauce?

    Anyone know any legit sources? most ppl say yeah xxx does the job but most cases they getting diff drugs to what they ordered. Corelabs au looks good and apparently aussteroids legit aswell (the BTC payments puts me off tho), wondering if anyone can share their experience with any of these...
  2. Shrek

    [Movie] Terminator 6

  3. D

    YT fitness channels.

    Anyone watch them, so dramatic. Seem to be more every week. I watched Rich Pianna for a while just for the drama, RIP Rich. They all seem pretty fake. Any recommendations?
  4. A

    What are the most impressive feats of strength you have seen?

    What is the most impressive thing you guys have seen?
  5. D

    I'm new here

    Hi everyone!* I'm new here.* I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself.* My name is David and I live in Puebla, Mexico.* I have been bodybuilding and taking steroids for years, and I am excited about the possibility of making friends with like minded people.* You can find out more about me...
  6. A

    Australian RAW Juniors and Masters nationals

  7. C_T

    ufc fight night on now

    and the best way to watch is, is to have the fight companion on as the sound :D http://www.ustream.tv/joerogan http://wiz1.net/channel1
  8. Jungnaut

    List the Youtube channels you follow right here

    There's heaps of really interesting fitness channels out on the tube these days, which ones do you like to follow and watch to get your daily motivation and entertainment fix? My go to channels are: Supertraining06 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLPy6BEgH1fD3DOgwX-x_Hg Omarisuf...
  9. A

    1001 Muscle Building Tips

    1. Reps And Sets The most bascial term in bodybuilding is the rep. Rep is short for repetition and simply means peforming one complete movement of a given exercise. For esample if you were doing a flat barbell bench press it would mean lifting the bar off the rack, slowly lowering it to...
  10. peanutz

    cycles...and not the bike or steroid kind...

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT... sorry dudes who lurk this forum, this is a thread about PERIODS. i've been paying more attention to my health / wellbeing in relation to my cycle lately and i've come up with this... pre-ovulation - i feel drunk and loopy and disconnected from gravity and...
  11. DKD

    Come on Jackie Chan, uh uh uh uh uh oh!

    This guy is a legend. I haven't seen his flicks for a few years but I've been introducing my young son to them lately and it's good stuff. Toss the story line out the window and just marvel at the guy's stunts. He must have some serious strength, gymnast-type more than barbell-based I reckon...
  12. DKD


    Do you like it, hate it, want to sign up, want to cancel? My main reason for sticking with it is so I can catch the Aussie cricket team on overseas tours. Apart from that I really only watch (occasionally) Inside Edge, Back Page and sometimes the pisspoor Aussie boxing in fkn RSL clubs. My kid...
  13. A

    Powerlifting Prayer

    Powerlifting Prayer IRON GOD Hear me God of Iron, for these words ring true, Help me become a God like you. Give me the will to lift through the pain, So my body may grow through the strength that I gain. Guide my...