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New member
sorry dudes who lurk this forum, this is a thread about PERIODS.


i've been paying more attention to my health / wellbeing in relation to my cycle lately and i've come up with this...

pre-ovulation - i feel drunk and loopy and disconnected from gravity and could honestly sleep through a few days quite comfortably

ovulation - i develop a borderline intellectual disability for a day or two, and an genuinely quite stupid. my vision goes wonky with dizzy spells and eye strain / headaches.

pms - don't experience this much

period - my food pyramid becomes a three level system of fat, sat and sugar and i have aggressive cravings for potato cakes and mars bars. chronic pelvic cramping which requires either medication or a hot water bottle stuffed into my pants (awkward at work...)


Ahhh the joy of being a woman wifey lolol This post made me laugh.

I'm very in tune with my body - my family history of female cancers has me hypervigilant to any changes in my body - thus, I just recently I picked up on something being wrong way before my Dr did. Thankfully it wasn't anything too insidious, but post surgery I'm feeling much better.

Periods are hideous things. I don't really experience PMS....I remember I did as a teenager though! OMG my poor mother! lolol

When I ovulate I am horny as hell - I call this the 'cavewoman' effect - it's our bodies way of saying to the lads 'I'm ripe! Pick me to procreate with!' lol If only it were that simple!

And yes, the pain during menses can be yucko. I've had pain like that for the last 6 months because of this 'issue' - it's only now ebbing away, thank god!

Exercise always seemed to help though. Perhaps just psychologically taking my mind off it did the trick? I don't know...

Anywho, thanks for the chuckle...too true, too true :D


I have text book periods. On time, same symptoms month in month out.
Never been on the pill. When I was a big girl they were painful and heavy, now I am much slimmer I don't have any problems.
I am at my strongest in the few days before my period. Weak as piss during period. I hate working out with a period. So many times I have been to PTC and there hasn't been toilet paper.....omg! Man kingdom!

I love the Women Log App on Android to track everything everyday of the month. I suffer from fibroids so I keep a check of symptoms until surgery has to kick in......

Best Lifts: S90kgs, B50kgs, D112.5kgs :)


Super M0derator
So... and im trying to tread very carefully here... what happens if a PL comp works out being during? Could that be why half the girls didnt turn up to the DL comp? :p


New member
some women have tremendous fluctuations in hormones through their cycle - i also notice I'm more prone to post-exercise fatigue after working out at certain stages in my cycle. i think its that I'm more sensitive to cortisol


New member
When I ovulate I am horny as hell - I call this the 'cavewoman' effect - it's our bodies way of saying to the lads 'I'm ripe! Pick me to procreate with!' lol If only it were that simple!

All the 'single guys' here (and everywhere) want to know is how do we
tell this from outward symbols?

Do you girls chew gum and twirl your hair or something...?? LOL

That way we can have our probability go up on a Friday night :D




Fat Member
My Mrs is pissed the week before cos it's coming, the week she has it and the week after cos she's annoyed she had it. In the one other week she usually finds something to be mad at.
When her and my daughter are getting it together WWlll can erupt at any time and us boys just sit back and watch.


New member
cavewoman effect is 100% true. @PMS due to the analgesic effects of a full orgasm, and partly due to the fact it assists in relieving cramps, and @ ovulation to increase likelihood of conception.