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  1. A

    quick carbs / protein

    does anyone here subscribe to the quick release protein / carbs (such as white potatos, white bread and peanut butter etc? straight after a workout to get a quick boost?
  2. J

    Bulking foods

    What are the cheapest and best foods for bulking?
  3. Nikko

    list some foods you eat every single day

    I'll go first -peanut butter -eggs -spinach -banana 3 things I eat every single day
  4. Goosey

    Dry roasted unsalted peanuts

    To the melbournites, where can I buy some, I'm wanting to have a crack making my own peanut butter. i bought some "Spikey bridge" it's the only one I really like, "picks" ain't bad either, but exy. preferably kingaroy, these are good.
  5. A

    What is the cheapest, yet delicious, meal you've made?

    What is the cheapest, yet delicious, meal you've made?
  6. Shrek


    If you could only eat one food (one ingredient) what would it be? Think about macro's and micro's. Ability to satisfy hunger, ease of preparation and of course taste.
  7. A

    What's your favorite Quest Nutrition bar?

    Do these bars taste good ? Are they over rated?Anyone have a good recommendation?
  8. S

    pea protein

    Ive run out of my usual WPC, My ole boy has a few tubs if pea protein laying around. Ive been having two scoops in water each morning since monday Ive noticed that compared to the WPC this pea protein really keeps me full till lunch, Usually im starving by 11am is the pea protein a complete...
  9. S

    Pea Protein Isolate - What am I missing?

    Just ordered my usual 4kg bag of WPC for $85, but also found a 5kg bag of PPI for $64 so I figured it couldn't hurt. People say that PPI has a lower amount of AAs than Whey, and that it is an incomplete protein for whatever reason.. So I'm wondering, say I'm aiming for 200g protein a day.. If...
  10. peanutz

    thailand surgery?

    hey ladies has anyone been to thailand for a cosmetic procedure? keen to hear peoples experiences! DM if you don't want to post :)
  11. Swervyn-Ervyn


    How do you eat em? Toasted, straight from the pack, or frozen?
  12. B

    FLAVOURED Soy, Pea and Rice Proteins are now ready to go!

    Long awaited but we are now happy to release these
  13. peanutz

    cycles...and not the bike or steroid kind...

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT... sorry dudes who lurk this forum, this is a thread about PERIODS. i've been paying more attention to my health / wellbeing in relation to my cycle lately and i've come up with this... pre-ovulation - i feel drunk and loopy and disconnected from gravity and...
  14. B

    Pea Protein Isolate available Wednesday 7th December

    Hi Guys, Due to not being terribly happy with our rice protein we have stocked for some time, next Wednesday we will be releasing Pea Protein Isolate as our prefered choice of vegan proteins. Nutritionaly it is actually a little better than the rice protein (in terms of macros) it has virtually...