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  1. stanly stud

    Training to failure

  2. Stiff 2G

    Wrt Lifting what would you do if you were 18 again?

  3. Y

    PPP Program

    I am just wondering if anyone has the PPP program from Markos? I had a quick look but couldn’t find it
  4. U

    Keto supplements

    Hi guys and girls. Just wanting to know what people here use for keto. I’ve been doing it for a lil but now but just seeing other opinions on the diet and what supplements yous use. Also does anyone know the best place to get the bhb salts from. For a good price
  5. Timeah

    Powerlifting Plus Crossfit. Can they co-exist?

    Kind of following on from Rob's thread on conditioning. Powerlifting fundamentally is a skill based pursuit based on the expression of maximal strength, which often combines power training with bodybuilding. Crossfit is probably the most efficient activity for creating a solid fitness base...
  6. S

    Chest pain, not muscular

    Recently I have been getting this dull ache on the left side of my chest. There is no tightness and my heart is all sweet but sometimes when just leaning forward I got this dull ache. Today I was doing shoulder press and the ache was there and then suddenly something triggered in there, didn't...
  7. Shrek

    Arnold Press.

    Yes or no? https://www.muscleandstrength.com/exercises/seated-arnold-press.html
  8. Pappy O'Daniels

    Thread describing poor delivery from GymDirect deleted!

    Just a heads up to all members here: my thread about the poor delivery from the seller, who is also a sponsor here, was deleted without explanation. Just thought you guys should know what kind of forum this is.
  9. Shrek

    Best bodies of 2016 - Peoples choice.

  10. T

    Is Jeff Seid's physique achievable without steroids?

    He claims to be natural, but I highly doubt it. What kind of cycle is he on? how many cycles has he been on (estimate) Is it physically possible to look like that without steroids. My dream body
  11. A

    Questions for those who work in the field of health/fitness/nutrition!

    What do you do? If you don't mind sharing, how much do you make doing what you do? Are you happy with your job? What kind of certifications/education did you need to get where you are today? What is your typical day like? What is your typical work schedule?
  12. M

    Sleep Aids

    Can't sleep at all lately. Melatonin leaves me groggy so trying to stay away from that. Anyone try somatomax?
  13. W

    Squat Racks - Rogue SML and ...this other one

    Who knows about Rogue's SML racks and either of these? They all appear the same except branding... Crossfire Multi Assault Rack from GymDirect SPX Rack from AussieStrength URS Top Grade Rack from UrbanRX After reading a bit online I'm now just looking at the SML-2 or 3 and this other rack...
  14. Reide

    My walls suck

    I need inspirational quotes, fitness info, anything to put on my walls because they are kind of gross looking.
  15. M

    One Bar or Two.

    G'day guys n gals So, I need to order a bar and I want a good one. I've read the sticky thread and thought I'd settled on the ABC power bar (BOP220). That was until I picked up a sweet set of Pendlay Elite bumper plates and now I'm not sure the ABC will be much good for oly lifts. I mainly...
  16. Fadi

    French drug trial disaster leaves one brain dead, five seriously ill

    Apparently this is the first of its kind in (worried) France. Now they say that they've been testing this drug on monkeys since July. So this begs the question: were things going so rosy with the animals, leading to such a confidence state, allowing the trial to be conducted on humans?
  17. A

    If you run/ ride/ walk/ swim alone, without music or other media in your ears, what k

    If you run/ ride/ walk/ swim alone, without music or other media in your ears, what kind of stuff goes on in your head?
  18. Timeah

    2015 Front Squat Competition

    As per the title, lets see what kind of numbers the folk of AUSBB can put up in the front squat. Take any rack position you like. Must pass parrallel. And as per the overhead press competition thread, must also be caught on film and posted up. We will also use the same score calculator to keep...
  19. spartacus

    netflix, quckflix, and other web streaming sites

    just joined Netflix today, anyone got it. Thoughts?
  20. A

    "Males should be ~10-12% body fat before even considering going on any kind of ‘bulk’

    "Males should be ~10-12% body fat before even considering going on any kind of ‘bulk’ "Males should be ~10-12% body fat before even considering going on any kind of ‘bulk’" - thoughts? Source: http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/muscle-gain/general-philosophies-of-muscle-mass-gain.html/ Author...