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  1. S

    Second cycle newbie

    Hey guys, I did a test enanthate cycle a few years back and it was so good. No idea why its taken me this long to go again but was thinking of trying something different. The first time i was recommended to do 12 weeks and a pretty high amount of test. This time i was thinking of doing test...
  2. R

    Reandron at 19

    My total test came back consistently in the low 200s and was just prescribed reandron (testosterone undecanoate) to be taken every 12 weeks or the choice of a gel (testavan) by my endocrinologist. I weigh 95kg been training for about 3 years with still decent numbers for a natty with really low...
  3. T

    Test 400 deca cycle

    Tas2020*****0 * Posted*yesterday at 09:52 AM I am looking a starting a test 400 /deca cycle run it for 10 weeks from what I've read I've seen that 250mg of 400 is enough a week how much deca do I pin during the cycle and do I run it full cycle or just finish with test only ?? I will be...
  4. U

    Testosterone with deca stacked with mk677

    Just wondering if it would be a good idea to stack these together.
  5. Vialli

    Bulking Cycle advice

    Looking for some advice I`m going to run a cycle mid-2018, Iam on TRT 125mg per week have just finished a blast of 500mg a week for 12weeks very happy with the results. I am planning on running a bulking cycle mid 2018 lookingfor input and advice 500mg Test E a week 1-16 450mg Deca weeks 1-12...
  6. B


    Hey everyone first time poster, looking for advice I'm 42, always been obese and got bloods done Test level was 3.6 doc put me on trt about 18 months ago. Not sure what the rules are as to what can be said but I'm on test undecanoate 1000mg/4ml once every three months, my level went from 3.6...
  7. A

    The Piana Cycle

    Week 1: 900 mg 150 mg TE (M/W/F) 100 mg Deca (M/W/F) 50 mg Masteron (M/W/F) 2.25 IU hGH/day Week 2: 1,350 mg 225 mg TE (M/W/F) 150 mg Deca (M/W/F) 75 mg Masteron (M/W/F) 4.5 IU hGH/day Week 3: 1,800 mg 300 mg TE (M/W/F) 200 mg Deca (M/W/F) 100 mg Masteron (M/W/F) 4.5 IU hGH/day...
  8. F

    Small white particles in vial of Deca

    So I have a vial of deca and i noticed there were small white particles sitting on the bottom of the vial and when the vial is shaken the small white particles float around for a while before settling again. has anyone else had this before? and if so, did you have any issues after use?
  9. P

    Nolva and deca

    quick question , can you still run nolva as PCT if you have run some deca in your cycle ? (500mg test for 12weeks and 250mg of deca for 10 weeks) The plan is/was some clomid and nolva as PCT when i finally decide to do it . I also had a guy tell me to use adex instead of nolva :confused:
  10. E

    Deca drol max by IronMagLabs

    Deca drol max 8 week cycle Hi all this is my first post. I have just ordered my first deca drol cycle which should arrive within the next week. Was wondering if any1 else had tryed this product by IronMagLabs. It's an eight week cycle and will keep this post uptodate with my progress and will...
  11. D

    cycle advice - 250mg TEST ETH x 10 weeks, 200mg DECA x 10weeks

    Hello - first cycle advice I have managed to get 10ml of both test eth and deca. I was going to do 250mg/1ml TEST ETH x 10 weeks, 200mg/1ml DECA x 10weeks I have nothing for PCT but read this product could do the job at the end as PCT Advanced PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) | AX I also read that...
  12. Fadi

    Front squat/ squat

  13. S

    re: deca

    re: deca hey guys, just letting u know i am using the deca for a work related accident which has caused a lot of damage to my muscles, tissue and tendons and the doctor has prescribed them for me but i was hoping that i could get some expert advice so i can build myself back to where i was and...
  14. S


    i was just wondering if anybody could give me some info on deca? Is it true that you inject into the muscles which you want to build up so if you wanted to have huge legs you just inject directly into the leg muscles or if you want to build yr biceps you inject directly into yr bicep muscle...