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  1. A

    The Heaviest Dumbbell on Planet Earth 413lbs!!!

  2. Fadi

    The killing of America

    I watched the film "The killing of America" back in 1981 when it came out, and witnessed first hand white racism against the blacks whilst in the US in 1983. What has changed since then I ask you? Is it a failing system when it comes to uprooting racism on one hand, and the building of trust...
  3. Shrek

    "The Death of Women's Bodybuilding | All Ms. Olympia Winners Compilation (1980-2014)"

    "The Death of Women's Bodybuilding | All Ms. Olympia Winners Compilation (1980-2014)" https://youtu.be/O-ox6hZKczg
  4. White_Lie


    So i'm looking to add some band work to my training, I was going to just get one of the 6 packs from gymdirect. Is this the best option considering i've never used them before and will get a range of sizes, plus works out cheaper than getting 3 or so individual pairs. What colours/resistance do...
  5. trofius

    Need some direction,

    ok need to actually start caring about what i eat, so will post up a few things and look for some guidence I am currently sitting around 73-75kg, @ ~15% bf I need to get stronger, which means more lean mass, currently when i try to eat more I tend to get u[to around 76kg, and a little more...
  6. F

    Need some direction - training advice?

    Hi Guys. I've spent the past two weeks reading a heap of info on these forums and really enjoyed it; its answered alot of my questions. However, I still need some advice. So i'll explain all below, sorry in advance if its a long post but I'd rather make everything clear. ME: 22, Male, 178cm...